Blackboard at UCCS:

As mentioned in the BB Maintenance page, Blackboard will be down from August 7 - 10.  This will allow us to upgrade Blackboard to the latest release, April 2014 Release.

What will you see after the upgrade?

Highlights for Students:

  • MyEdu profile allows you to build a profile that can help you track work experience, share accomplishments, and track your academic career

    MyEdu cover page example

  • Redesigned Portfolios will be easier to use and easier to share with your professor

    New portfolio APRIL2014 example

  • Improved My Grades

Highlights for Faculty:

  • Student Preview will allow you to see your course from the student's point of view on the fly: a true student preview without the hassle of logging in with a different account

    student preview example

  • Improved SafeAssign integration means that you can simply check a box on an assignment to turn it into a SafeAssign assignment

    safeassign example

Additional enhancements:

  • For faculty: course availability, email, and announcement tools available outside your course (the "Qwickly" tool)

  • Achievements (badges)

  • Inline Grading expanded

  • Significant figures in calculated formula test questions

  • Anonymous and delegated grading

  • Groups enhancements

  • Course messages

  • Date management enhancements

Updated July 25, 2014