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The mission of the Assessment Office is to provide guidance and support to facultyin developing, facilitating, and documenting a process of continuous improvement of student learning through the use of assessment activities designed to provide evidence that students have achieved the course or program learning outcomes, and to insure that the expectations of national and professional accrediting agencies are met. Assessment is critical to maintaining accreditation, but the real purpose of assessment is to help us discharge the institution's most fundamental responsibility: student learning.


The Assessment Office works with undergraduate and graduate student learning oversight committees, faculty, staff and administrators, as requested.

The Assessment Office serves as a campus wide resource on academic assurance of student learning at the course, departmental, college and university level; assisting academic programs with all facets of their assessment related needs upon request.

The Assessment Office is responsible for informing the campus community and constituents of assessment initiatives and preparing and maintaining data and reports for special requests, assurance of students learning reports and accreditation.


Lynne Calhoun


Assessment Office
Columbine Hall 203d

Updated Spring, 2014