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Title Page Access to Facilities 23 Campus Closure 26 Campus Safety and Security Report- Jeanne Clery Act 14 Confidential Reporting 7 Crime Alerts 7 Crime Reporting Information 6 Campus Security Authorities 6 Crime Log 7 Crime Prevention Program 17 Crime Statistics 15 Drug Free Workplace Act 20 Emergency Preparedness 24 Emergency Notifications 25 Fire Log, Housing 29 Fire Safety Report 27 Fire Safety Systems, Housing 28 Housing / Residence Life Information 12 Judicial Affairs Office 11 Law Enforcement Authority- Interagency Relationships 8 Missing Students Procedures 13 Police Response 5 Reporting Crimes and Emergencies 5 Resources, Community 31 Resources, University 30 Responsibilities of the University Community 19 Security of Facilities 23 Sexual Assault Reporting 8 Sexual Harassment Policy 10 Sex Offender Information 10 Student Conduct 11 Timely Warnings 7 University Counseling Center 11 Victim Assistance 11 Weapons Control, Resolution 21


Emergency Phones
Outlying parking lots are equipped with emergency phones that directly link into Colorado Springs 9-1-1 center, for life-threatening emergencies. These phones also dial into the university police communication center for all other assistance.

Calls placed to Colorado Springs 9-1-1 emergency center, from a campus phone, are tracked directly into our police dispatch center. University police are immediately dispatched to the location from which the call is being placed.

Emergency call box

Campus Buildings
As a member of the campus community you, as well as University guests and visitors, have access to most campus buildings and facilities during regular hours, Monday through Friday, and for scheduled events, Saturdays and Sundays, excluding most holidays. Emergencies may necessitate changes or alterations to any posted schedules. The University Police patrol academic and administrative buildings, grounds and parking lots on a regular basis and are responsible for locking and unlocking designated University buildings. If you need assistance in gaining authorized entry to a University building or room, and no other assistance is available, you can call the Department of Public Safety at (719) 255-3111 for help. Many times buildings, rooms, and offices will be opened only with a pre-approved entry request. See for the entry form. To view the campus map go to

Campus picture

Exterior campus lighting is essential to creating a safe campus environment. Motor vehicle parking lots, main pedestrian walkways and bike paths, and most campus building exteriors are lighted either all night long or several hours past the end of the last class. Several times yearly, the exterior lighting receives a comprehensive inspection to identify any unreported lighting failures. You are encouraged to report any exterior lighting problems by either submitting a work order to Physical Plant Operations via website http://arc/uccs/menupage.cfm, by calling Facilities at (719) 255-3313, or by calling the Department of

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