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We also believe in the effectiveness of neighbors looking out for each other's interests, and we encourage residents to get to know their neighbors. The Housing staff will support your vigilance and, where applicable, prosecute acts of vandalism, trespassing, and theft.

Police services are provided by the University Police and residents should promptly report to the Department of Public Safety, x3111 or (719) 255-3111 from a cell phone, and the Office of Residence Life and Housing, x4327 or (719) 255-4327, any incident of theft, vandalism, or unsafe conditions. Whenever possible, the resident should furnish a detailed description of the offender, time and date, make and color of the car, license plate number, etc. Call 911 in case of an emergency or to report criminal activity. An emergency is defined as any immediate threat to life or property. Incidents that are not life-threatening or criminal in nature, but require assistance from a Residence Life staff member, call the on-duty cell phone.

Missing Persons Procedures
If a member of the University community has reason to believe that a student who resides in on-campus housing is missing (missing at least 24 hours), he or she should immediately notify the University Police at (719) 255-3111 (3111 from an on-campus phone). UCCS Police will generate a missing person report and initiate an investigation. UCCS Police will also immediately notify the Office of Resident Life and Housing of the missing person report. In the event the Office of Residence Life and Housing is notified directly by a community member that one of the resident students has been missing for more than 24 hours, they will immediately notify the University Police.

The Office of Resident Life and Housing will cooperate fully with the University Police in their investigation, which will include interviewing roommates, floor mates, student staff, etc. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will also conduct a "Health and Safety" entry into the suite and room of the reported missing student.

Upon initial check- in at the on-campus housing facility, students will be given the option to identify a contact person (in addition to registering an emergency contact) who the Office of Residence Life and Housing shall notify if the student is determined missing by the University Police or other law enforcement agency. This additional contact information will be:

If after investigating the missing person report the University Police determines the student is missing and has been missing for more than 24 hours, the University Police will then notify surrounding law enforcement agencies and will have the Office of Residence Life and Housing call the student's contact person no later than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing.

If the missing student is under the age of 18 and is not an emancipated individual, the Office of Residence Life and Housing will notify the designated contact person and- the parent or legal guardian no later than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing.

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