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Campus Fire Safety

UCCS Campus Fireman instructs woman on Fire Extinguisher Useage

Resident Life
Students residing in UCCS residence halls are provided with comprehensive training and information that will enable them to prevent, escape, report or handle any fire emergency within the residence halls.

Reporting of fires:
Students and staff should report a fire by immediately calling 9-1-1 or Campus Police at 255-3111 (on campus 3111).

Fire Drill Training and Evacuation Exercises:
Fire drill exercises are conducted once a semester for Summit Village and Alpine Village student housing facilities on campus. Records are maintained on these exercises to include the following information: person conducting the drill, date and time, notification method used, staff members participating, number of occupants evacuated, special conditions simulated, problems encountered, weather conditions, and time required to complete evacuation.

Procedures for Evacuation:
Students should determine out the most direct evacuation route from their room and when the alarm is sounded they should leave the building IMMEDIATELY. No resident may use an elevator during a fire alarm. Residence Life staff will check to see residents have left the building as they exit themselves. It is a violation of Federal Law for anyone to remain inside a building when a fire alarm is sounding. Failure to evacuate the building during a fire drill or fire may result in disciplinary action. Fire officials will give the okay to return to the building. Under NO circumstances may a resident return to the building before permission is given.

Fire Safety and Education:
Public Safety offers hands-on fire extinguisher, evacuation, and hazard recognition training throughout the academic year to students, staff, and faculty. Fire safety training is provided to all Resident Assistants before the start of each Fall semester.

Policies on portable electrical appliances:
           Items allowed in Summit Village: small microwave, small refrigerator, hot air popcorn popper, crock pot, and coffee maker. All standard appliances are permitted in the Alpine Village Apartments, as they have the proper kitchen facilities for their storage and safe use.

Prohibited Items:
           Any appliance with an open coil heating element is a fire hazard and is not allowed, such as: hot plates, space heaters, toaster/toaster ovens and indoor/outdoor grills. Please see the Conduct Expectations section for a complete list of prohibited items in housing .

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