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The primary premise for weather-related closing of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is that the institution will remain open unless there is unreasonable risk or danger to a substantial number of students and employees due to unreasonably hazardous driving conditions to campus. While utmost consideration is given to conditions for travel, UCCS continues to function during inclement weather.

Given the range of institutional programs, the number of essential services provided, and the continuing needs of resident students, the university will remain open in all but the most extreme circumstances. University employees and students are urged to use their own discretion in deciding whether they can safely commute to class or to work. If personal health or safety is at issue in that decision, responsible judgment should be used.

In the event of heavy snowfall, extreme weather condition, a mechanical system failure or some other condition that prevents the safe operation of the campus, classes may be canceled or delayed. The authority to cancel or delay regularly scheduled classes rests with the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee. Every attempt will be made to announce this decision by no later than 6:00 a.m. for morning and afternoon classes, or 3:00 p.m. for evening classes and activities.

Information concerning campus delays or closure is posted by the campus police dispatch center. Information is available in several ways: on the Internet at or by calling the campus Emergency Information Line at 255-3346, listening to local radio and TV stations, and via e-mail sent out to staff, faculty, and students concerning campus closures and delays.

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