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Department of Public Safety

Trees, Vines, and Shrubs
Campus grounds-keepers trim trees, vines, shrubs, and other vegetation on a regular basis to maintain campus security. Obstructing vegetation is trimmed away from pedestrian walkways, building entrances, windows, and lighting fixtures. You are encouraged to report any specific concerns regarding vegetation to Physical Plant Operations via website http://arc/uccs/menupage.cfm , by calling Physical Plant at 255-3313, or by calling the Department of Public Safety at 255-3111.

Doors and Locks
University Police officers and campus security guards regularly patrol the exterior and interior of campus buildings throughout the night and on weekends and holidays. These officers report door lock and security hardware failures to Physical Plant Operations on a daily basis. Hardware failures and malfunctions are given the highest priority, and physical plant personnel are on hand daily to make such repairs. At other times of the day, service is dispatched as soon as possible, provided no safety problem exists.
Crime prevention specialists within the University Police Operations also conduct security surveys of campus facilities and recommend types and placements of alarm system, security of a particular area or building. University departments wishing to request a facility security survey should contact the Department of Public Safety at 255-3111.

emergency Phones
Outlying parking lots are equipped with emergency phones that directly link into Colorado Springs 9-1-1 center, for life-threatening emergencies. These phones also dial into the campus police communication center for all other assistance.

Calls placed to Colorado Springs 9-1-1 emergency center, from a campus phone, are tracked directly into our police dispatch center. Campus police are immediately dispatched to the location from which the call is being placed.

UCCS Campus Emergency Phone

Campus Emergency Preparedness

In any emergency, UCCS' overriding goals are to:

  • Protect life
  • Secure critical infrastructure and facilities
  • Resume teaching and research programs
UCCS Emergency Procedures Guide

The current report is available in print upon request

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