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Department of Public Safety

Crime Report Information
Guidelines regarding how and when to report a crime are provided at new student orientations.  This information is also at new staff and faculty orientations.

Colorado Revised Statutes, 18-8-115, "Duty to Report a Crime" requires all persons who believe a crime has been committed to report promptly the suspected crime to law enforcement authorities.  The UCCS Police Department is located in the Public Safety building, attached to the parking garage.  The number to contact University Police is 255-3111, or x3111 from a campus phone.  The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs encourages anyone who is the victim or witness to any crime to report promptly the incident to campus police to provide accurate and complete statistical reports.  Faculty, staff, and students (except those who have counseling responsibilities) should forward any report of a crime on campus to the campus police for further investigation.  Because police reports are public records under state law, the UCCS Police Department cannot hold reports of crime in confidence.  Confidential reports can generally be made to the University Counseling Center, located in Main Hall 324, (x3265).  University police want the campus community to report any suspicious activities such as persons seen loitering around vehicles, buildings, or residential halls.  Crimes and suspicious activities that occur off campus can be reported to the Colorado Springs Police at 444-7000.  Timely reports allow for timely response and eventually to a safer campus.  DO YOUR PART, REPORT!

To report a crime contact University Police at 255-3111, x3111(from a campus phone), dial 9-1-1 (life threatening emergencies), or use the emergency call boxes located in parking lots and some buildings.

This institution does not rely on anonymous reporting for statistical information.  If the information is not sufficient for authorities to investigate, then the report will not be included in the statistical information.

The University Police maintains a crime log of reported criminal activity occurring on campus and within jurisdictional boundaries.  The crime log may be accessed via the internet at:

Timely advisories are made to the community when known crime risks might endanger students or employees on campus or areas close to our campus community.  These reports are made using one or a combination of the following methods:


The police officers of the UCCS Police Department are Colorado Peace Officers and receive their police authority via the provisions of Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 16, Article 2.5, Part 101.  This statute gives officers the authority to enforce all laws of the state of Colorado while acting within the scope of his or her authority and in the performance of his or her duties.  The Board of Regents has delegated authority to the University Police Department to enforce University rules and regulations, as well as municipal, county, and state laws.  University police officers have full police authority on all properties owned or controlled by the University and to make arrests when not on state owned or leased property.

The current report is available in print upon request.

The 2007 report is located at
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