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Department of Public Safety

Calls placed to Colorado Springs 9-1-1 emergency center, from a campus phone, are tracked directly into our police dispatch center.  Campus police are immediately dispatched to the location from which the call is being placed.

Emergency Phone
Emergency Fire Drill


In any emergency, UCCS' overriding goals are to:

  • Protect life
  • Secure critical infrastructure and facilities
  • Resume teaching and research programs

At UCCS, planning for emergencies is part of normal business planning and campus life, and all members of the campus community share a responsibility for preparedness.  An emergency can strike anytime or anywhere and a disaster will affect everyone. Therefore:

  • All campus units are expected to maintain a Department Emergency Plan to protect personnel and programs, and to support campus emergency response and recovery.
  • All employees and students have a personal responsibility for knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency in order to ensure their personal safety and protect their work.
  • The University maintains a comprehensive emergency preparedness education and training program to mitigate potential hazards and to familiarize students and employees with emergency procedures.

For more information on campus emergency preparedness and quick reference information, visit the website at

Emergency Fire Drill

The current report is available in print upon request.

The 2007 report is located at
The latest report is available at
Previous reports are available at