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Department of Public Safety


Summit Village
1010 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 255-4042 or (800) 990-UCCS ext 4042

Alpine Village
4645 Stanton Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 277-6288 or (800) 990-UCCS ext 6288

Assuring total security is not possible for the University.  Many benefits such as limited-access entrance doors, Resident Assistants and professional staff members on duty, a night Security Person and Public Safety staff patrolling the campus are provided to assist in security measures.  Access to any residential facility is controlled through an electronic door access system.  The UCCS Student ID is programmed to allow access to these facilities.  University staff and maintenance workers may be granted access to the residential halls in the course of their duties.  A guest may access any residential facility if a housing resident accompanies them.  The resident is responsible for escorting their guest(s) at all times, and for explaining housing rules and regulations to each guest.

We also believe in the effectiveness of neighbors looking out for each other's interests, and we encourage residents to get to know their neighbors.  The Housing staff will support your vigilance and, where applicable, prosecute acts of vandalism, trespassing, and theft.

Police services are provided by the Department of Public Safety at UCCS and residents should promptly report to the Department of Public Safety, x3111, and the Office of Residence Life and Housing any incident of theft, vandalism, or unsafe conditions.  Whenever possible, the resident should furnish a detailed description of the offender, time and date, make and color of the car, license plate number, etc.  Call 911 in case of an emergency or to report criminal activity. An emergency is defined as any immediate threat to life or property.  Incidents that are not life-threatening or criminal in nature, but require assistance from a Residence Life staff member, call the on-duty cell phone.


Campus Buildings

As a member of the campus community you, as well as University guests and visitors, have access to most campus buildings and facilities during regular hours, Monday through Friday, and for scheduled events, Saturdays and Sundays, excluding most holidays.  The Department of Public Safety is responsible for locking and unlocking designated University buildings and for patrols of campus grounds and buildings.  If you need assistance in gaining authorized entry to a University building or room, and no other assistance is available, you can call the Department of Public Safety at 255-3111 for help.  Many times

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