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Department of Public Safety


This security awareness and crime prevention booklet summarizes the UCCS policies and programs intended to make the campus community a safe place for you and all of its members, guests, and visitors. Several publications discuss specific policies and programs in detail. See the list below for the names of these publications and where to obtain copies.

Publication Available from
Alcohol PolicyStudent Life Office
Parking RegulationsDepartment of Public Safety
Sexual Harassment PolicyOffice of Affirmative Action
Student Code of ConductStudent Life Office
Victims & Witnesses RightsDepartment of Public Safety

Last updated by Claudia Ryan on September 12, 2006.

2006 Report Index

Access to Facilities 24-25
Alcohol & Drug Policy 18-20
Campus Emergency Plan 26
Campus and Community Resources 29
Campus Safety and Security Report 14-17
Crime Prevention Programs 11-13
Crime Statistics 16-17
Law Enforcement Authority 7
Maintenance of Facilities 24-25
Publications Listing 28
Reporting Crimes and Emergencies 5-7
Sexual Assault Reporting Procedures 7-8
Sexual Harassment Policy 9
Sex Offender Information 9-10
Student Code of Conduct 22-23
Victim Assistance 7
Weapons Policy 20-21

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