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The "University of Colorado Student Conduct Policies and Standards" document in its entirety can be obtained from the Office of Student Life or by visiting
A brief summary follows:

The Office of Dean of Students receives its authority from the Laws of the Regents as provided for in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Laws of the Regents state that, "By enrolling as a student in the university, a person shall assume obligations of performances and behavior established by the university relevant to its lawful missions, processes, and functions. For allegations of student misconduct, the chancellor or designee shall prescribe procedures for the determination of facts, findings, and assessment of remedies. These procedures shall contain the basic elements of procedural due process."

The information contained in this brochure applies to all students at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. These regulations apply primarily to acts of misconduct occurring on University premises, but may address off-campus conduct as well.

Students may be held accountable to both civil and criminal authorities, as well as to the University, by breaking a law that also violates the University standards of conduct.
Disciplinary action by the University will not be subject to challenge or postponement on the grounds that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed, reduced, or are pending in court. In addition, the University can pursue disciplinary action if a student violates a standard of conduct and withdraws from the University.

  1. When a student enrolls in the University, it is considered a voluntary entrance into the academic community whereby the student agrees to abide by reasonable standards of performance and behavior. Enrollment does not give the student a right to immunity or special consideration regarding civil or criminal laws.

    As members of the academic community, students, as well as faculty, have the responsibility to conduct themselves with academic integrity in a matter compatible with the University's function as an educational institution. Furthermore, all members of the academic community have a special responsibility to protect the University as a forum for the free expression of ideas. University students, faculty, and staff shall refrain from conduct which disrupts University functions. They shall refrain from injury to persons, or damage to property on the campus, and from impeding freedom of movement of students, school officials, employees, and invited guests to all facilities of the University.
  2. The University shall set down procedures to determine facts and assess penalties with concern for fairness and due process as appropriate to the circumstances, bearing in mind that University bodies are administrative and not judicial tribunals.
  3. Administrative officers of the University shall be authorized and encouraged to discuss problems of mutual concern with students about the curriculum, operation, and administration of the University. However, they shall not be required to do so under coercion, intimidation, or when force or violence are present or threatened.
  4. Hazing in any and all forms is prohibited in the University. Students who interfere with the personal liberty of another student are subject to immediate discipline by the University and whatever penalties that may be imposed by law.
  5. The UCCS Sexual Harassment Policy covers all students, faculty, and staff.

Last updated by Claudia Ryan on September 12, 2006.

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