Student Self-Assessment

The Writing Center can facilitate students who wish to reflect on their experience after a consultation.  One way we do this is through providing a student self-assessment form.

In addition to promoting growth and self-awareness, a completed self-assessment form can be turned in to a course instructor to show that the student had a consultation about their writing assignment.

Click the link below to download.  Copies are also available in the Writing Center.

Student Self-Assessment Form

If you would like more opportunities to reflect on your Writing Center experience, please consider writing to one of the prompts below.

Writing Center Reflection Prompts

Write 1-2 double-spaced pages reflecting on your experience at the Writing Center. First, summarize your session. What kinds of issues or concerns-development, organization, clarity-did you focus on? Next, write about the most helpful elements of the discussion. How did the session help you develop a plan for revision? What kinds of changes did/will you make based on the conversation you had with the consultant?

Write 1-2 double-spaced pages about your experience at the Writing Center. How did you prepare for the session? How was the session similar to/different from what you expected? What topics, issues, and/or concerns did you discuss? How did conversation with the consultant complement feedback received by classmates in peer response? What kinds of changes did/will you make based on the conversation you had with the consultant? Do you think the topics, issues, and/or concerns you discussed can be applied to other writing you do? If so, how?

Faculty: If you encourage your students to visit the Writing Center, please feel free to have them fill out the self-assessment form or respond to a reflection prompt concerning their visit to the Center. We will "authorize" student attendance by placing a Writing Center stamp on the self-assessment form following the session; we will only place this stamp on self-assessment forms, not on student papers. Then your students can submit their self-assessments or reflections to you as proof that they used our services. This encourages student self-agency in the writing process and gives students a chance to reflect on their experiences at the Writing Center, leading to deeper awareness about their own writing and writing practices. It would also offer an opportunity for you to see how engaged your students are in Writing Center sessions. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Director, Dr. Marilee Brooks-Gillies.

Citations and Formatting

For information on how to implement APA, MLA, or Chicago Style in your papers, we recommend using the Purdue OWL.

In addition, we have style manuals (APA, MLA, Chicago, and more) available for student use in the Writing Center.  Students are free to use our books, but they must remain in the Center.  Please feel welcome to come in and ask us for help if you are having difficulties with using the Purdue OWL or the style manuals.

Please see our handouts for more information:

APA (formatting)

APA (citations & references)

APA (levels)

MLA Style

Chicago Style

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