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With an online appointment, students connect to consultants through live voice-chat sessions over the internet. This allows you to meet with a Writing Center consultant even when you can't make it into The Writing Center in person. Online consultations are done through Blackboard Instant Messenger. Through this program, you can share your writing from your computer with a consultant and use voice chat to discuss it together. All you need is a set of speakers, a microphone, and Blackboard IM*. If these are not available to you, it might be best to come in-person to The Writing Center if possible.

How to Prepare for an Online Appointment

1. Download Blackboard IM*
To get Blackboard IM, follow these instructions. It's best to download this with plenty of time before your session, as you may run into issues. If you have any issues downloading Blackboard IM, feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at (719) 255-3536.

2. Make sure you have working speakers and a microphone or a headset

3. Schedule an appointment
To schedule an online appointment, please click on "Make an Appointment" on our home page.  Schedule your appointment like normal, but choose "yes" in the drop down menu that asks if you would like an online appointment.

4. View our Video Tutorial and/or the Online Consultation Student Guide.

Having technology issues during the session?

  • It's best to get set-up a few minutes early, just in case you run into issues. If you have any problems, please call The Writing Center at 719-255-4336.
  • Sometimes the UCCS network will cause slow connections in Blackboard IM. If this happens, you may need to reschedule your appointment or come to the Center in-person. Your consultant will discuss these options with you if Blackboard IM is not working due to technology issues.
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