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Writing enables us to learn deeply, to think clearly, and to join the human conversation with confidence and authority. In support of writers entering the academic community, The Writing Center brings writers together with peer consultants to discuss the nature and presentation of ideas. The Writing Center serves as a site of literacy instruction within the University, providing support to student writers of all disciplines and abilities.


The Writing Center exists to promote excellence in writing and success in students' academic careers. We extend our services to our student writers, to our peer consultants, and to our University community.

To Our Writers - Because writers' needs are highly individualized, The Writing Center favors one-to-one or small group conferences, either in person or online. In our approach, we promote learning and critical thinking by helping writers focus on issues of meaning and by involving them in reflection on their own work. By building collaborative peer relations with student writers, we help students gain confidence, articulate ideas, acquire strategies, and learn the skills to engage effectively in their writing processes.

To Our Consultants - In addition to pursuing the same goals among ourselves as we do with all writers, The Writing Center supports the growth of our staff by encouraging a theoretical understanding of writing and critical, reflective consulting practices. The Writing Center facilitates conversations among peers, encourages continued intellectual curiosity and research, and supports communication and participation with the wider Writing Center community and beyond.

To Our University Community - In support of faculty efforts to promote student writing, The Writing Center serves faculty in all disciplines through classroom workshops, presentations, and classroom-based group conferences. We are prepared to collaborate with faculty across the campus about writing, the teaching and assessing of writing, and the supporting of writing across the curriculum. We further support the University mission through our efforts to encourage student success, to recruit and retain excellent students, and to support institutional evaluation and assessment.

Institutional Location

The Writing Center is one of five Excel Centers that operate as part of the Student Success Initiative at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

The Writing Center was established in 1982 to provide laboratory course work as an extension of the English Composition program. Upon receipt of a Title III grant in 1990, The Writing Center expanded its services and programs, providing extensive technological support, ongoing development of small group workshops and conferences, cross-disciplinary writing collaboration, and free one-on-one tutorial support to all students in the University. In 1995, at the end of the grant, The Writing Center, along with the other Excel Centers, was institutionalized within the Student Success Initiative.

The Writing Center Director reports to the Director of the Excel Centers, who reports to the Vice Chancellor of Student Success. The Director also maintains close working relationships with academic faculty. The Director teaches within the Writing Program and collaborates with faculty across the curriculum on writing concerns. The Director also works with the other Excel Directors to develop new programs to further support students, to assist with new student orientation, to facilitate student retention and success, and to provide evaluation and assessment outcomes.

Writing Center services to students are provided by both peer consultants and graduate assistants from a variety of disciplines. Writing Center staff are employed both as hourly and work-study students.

Base budget funding for staffing and operational costs for the Excel Centers is provided through Student Success. In spring 2001, the UCCS student body voted on and approved changes to the Student Technology Fee policy that include ongoing disbursements to the Excel Centers to fund technology needs in support of student learning.

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