Android Phones and Tablets

1.  Go to the settings page.

To get to the settings page, click the 'Settings' icon on the home screen of your device.
2. Go to the Wi-Fi networks page.
Once at the settings page, click the 'Wi-Fi' button to go to the Wi-Fi networking page.
3. Enable Wi-Fi and select the UCCS-Wireless network.
In order to connect to any Wi-Fi networks, the Wi-Fi radio must be enabled. Click or slide the toggle so that it reads 'On'.
The next step is to set up the network you want to connect to.  Click the 'UCCS-Wireless' button to set up the network for the first time.  If you have configured this network before, and want to start from scatch, you can click and hold the button, which will bring up another menu.  Click 'Forget network' from this menu in order to reset the network, or 'Modify network' in order to change the settings.
4. Configure the network.
The configuration page has several options for the network, however, the only settings which need to be changed are Identity and Password.  Everything else should be left as the default.  You may need to scroll up and down to see all of the options, depending on your device.  Enter your UCCS username under Identity, and your UCCS password under Password.  Finally, click connect.
5. Done!
Your device should now be connected to the UCCS-Wireless network.  By default, your device will now automatically reconnect to this network whenever you are in range.