Stephany Spaulding, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Since coming to UCCS in 2010 Dr. Stephany "Stiletto" Rose Spaulding, Ph. D. has made an indelible impact on the campus, city of Colorado Springs, and the academic community at-large through her teaching, scholarship and service. Her research focuses on the socio-cultural impacts of racialized representations of individuals and communities in English language literatures and popular culture from the United States and the African Diaspora.  These scholastic interests emerge from a personal space of being an African American woman contextualized by the historical and contemporary dynamics of power and privilege operating at the crossroads of race, gender, class, sexuality, and religion that manifest in the United States and are transmitted via cultural imperialism throughout the globe.  As such, she has brought exciting courses to UCCS, which include but are not limited to Hiphop and the Performances of Identities, Global Black Women Writers, and Global Men and Masculinities. One of her most rewarding academic achievements was guest lecturing at the Sorbonne in Paris, France in November 2011.
Though the daughter of elementary and secondary school educators, Dr. Spaulding did not grow up dreaming of becoming a college professor.  The concept of being a scholar was unheard of by her as an African American, working-class female socialized on the south side of Chicago where the primary professional choices indicating success for Black Americans were to either become a doctor, lawyer, entertainer or by default a pubic school teacher.   Thankfully, her undergraduate experience at Clark Atlanta University revealed to her that there were other options.
In as much as intellectual and creative development has always been a critical aspect of her public and private life, Stephany feeds voraciously off of a "life of the mind" and creativity not bound by any institutional space.  Because of this, her work extends beyond the traditional walls of academia into performance poetry, activist scholarship, and public intellectualism via Dr. Stiletto Rose.  Dr. Stiletto Rose is an astonishingly vocal being, whose spiritual and creative energy is compelling, using oral and written art forms to foster discourses of cross-cultural exchange. As a poet she has been blessed to experience and perform in multiple communities across the country and throughout the world from Harlem to Brazil, from San Francisco to Cuba. Artistically, a range of forms that include literature, photography, dance, and a variety of music from gospel to house influence her work.

Additionally, Stephany recognizes the need to transform traditional understandings of the academy; thus, she regularly publishes an open access blog where individuals can create communities and dialogues across institutional, political and geographic boundaries. Because learning and exploring new ideas, spaces and cultures is as essential as breathing to her, the freedom to access information is a liberty that she seeks adamantly to share with others. So, if you have the chance register or sit in on one of her courses, read her scholarship, or dialogue over a cup of tea (she's not a fan of coffee) to engage the life and mind of a dynamic being transforming our campus, community and society.