Web Services

Website design has come a long way in the past 20 years.  It's not simply enough to have a website anymore.  You need high quality content that is not only device agnostic and friendly but also able to speak to both human and robot, read search-engine, viewers.   

In the past it was common to simply look for websites of similar content or style and attempt to copy the best parts of those sites when making a new website.  

Today we like to think of websites as being purpose-driven rather than simply a pretty frame for your content.  The process has moved beyond the old mantra of "content is king" to include an understanding of when less is indeed more.  A small amount of high quality content will almost always trump a large pile of tangled information.  The process of creating a website starts with a coherent content strategy.  From there we usually start with a R.O.T. analysis to find any redundant, outdated or trival content to be pruned.  Once that is done it's time for a gap-analysis to determine what content needs to be created.  For this reason, we like to be brought in as early as possible with website design projects.  

Once the Information Architecture is determined we being to look at how best to create a website that serves the message.

If you'd like discuss a website project, please contact us.