Web Services

2014 Ingeniux Templates

Published: December 31, 2013
Web Services is creating a new template that will be designed to be mobilie-friendly (responsive) along with many more page-types in Ingeniux to encourage high-quality, modern websites on the UCCS campus.

Goals and Requirements: Now that the vast majority of content contributors have successfully migrated into the UCCS Ingeniux CMS the goal is to expand the number of page types available to Ingeniux users and provide an updated template that will be mobile friendly and modern for 2014.  

Milestones: Many new page types have already been identified and corresponding schemas created in Ingeniux.  A couple of beta sites including College of Education and Web Services have been selected to test these new layouts.  

Once we have a few sites converted over to use these new page types and template we're hoping to identify sites that would be good candidates to convert over to use the new template during the Spring semester.  

Contact: If you have questions, suggestions or comments about this project please contact Craig Decker  or Jeremy Sparks.