Vision Statement

VISION STATEMENT: "UCCS, a premier comprehensive undergraduate and specialized graduate research university, provides students with academically rigorous and life-enriching experiences, in a vibrant university community. We advance knowledge, broaden access, and integrate student learning with the spirit of discovery for the benefit of southern Colorado, the state, nation and world."

MISSION STATEMENT: "The Colorado Springs campus of the university of Colorado shall be a comprehensive baccalaureate university with selective admission standards. The Colorado Springs campus shall offer liberal arts and sciences, business, engineering, health sciences, and teacher preparation undergraduate degree programs, and a selected number of masters and doctoral degree programs."


EXCELLENCE: We will attract, develop and retain outstanding faculty, staff, and students, and focus on those programs and services that we can offer at an exemplary level.

STUDENT SUCCESS: We will help traditional and non-traditional students succeed in their academic endeavors by assuring a stimulating, supportive, and safe environment in a naturally beautiful setting. We will encourage students to recognize their responsibility to participate fully in their own educational success and to contribute to the quality of all aspects of campus life.

COMMUNITY INTERACTIONS: We will make known our vision, values, and goals and provide a demonstrated return on investment to the citizens of Colorado. We will link the university more closely to the communities we serve. We will communicate the value of the university to the citizens and elected leaders of our state, alumni, and potential students everywhere.

ENRICHING ENVIRONMENT: We will aggressively seek the development of a multicultural campus environment in which each person contributes unique talents to make the university a better place. In turn, each person will be fully valued and supported. We will reaffirm the tradition of shared governance and encourage all members of our campus community to join together in creating a positive working environment where all enjoy respect, fair treatment, and a voice in campus decisions.

QUALITY TEACHING: We will promote and reward teaching excellence. We will strive to maintain predominantly small classes taught by dedicated and accessible faculty.

RESEARCH AND CREATIVE WORK: We will promote and reward research and creative work that advances knowledge, that makes a valuable contribution, that enhances our teaching and service missions, and that encourages collaboration between students, both graduate and undergraduate, and faculty.

SERVICE: We will attract and reward members of the campus community who place a high value on service and who are committed to contributing their expertise to the university and the public good.

STAFF CONTRIBUTION: We will value the vital role that staff play in supporting and enhancing the mission of the university.

INNOVATION AND CHANGE: We believe that universities both preserve the past and help create the future. We will encourage innovation in teaching, research, and service and prepare our students to succeed in a rapidly changing global and technologically advancing environment.

LIFE-LONG LEARNING: We will commit to serving the educational needs of members of our community at many points along life's path—as K-12 students, as university students, as they enter the work force, as they retrain for new careers, and as they continue to learn and grow throughout their lives.