Reexamination of Campus Strategic Plan

With unemployment rates continuing to increase and the housing market slumping, state tax revenues will continue to decline and place great strains on state agencies, including the University of Colorado, Dale DeBoer, associate professor, Economics, and chair of the University Budget Advisory Committee said recently.

“Unfortunately, the indicators point to conditions for the State of Colorado to continue to worsen,” DeBoer said. “That makes our work today even more important.”

DeBoer set the stage for a July 9 brainstorming session that filled the Haehn Community Room with more than 50 faculty and staff members anxious to share their ideas about decreasing expenses and increasing revenues.

Over the next six weeks, targets will be set in specific areas. In September, Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak plans to unveil a strategy to realign the university’s strategic plan with the forecasted state budget.

The general target areas and the person responsible for gathering ideas, follows. Faculty and staff are encouraged to share ideas in person or by e-mail to

Efficiency and effectiveness. Brian Burnett, vice chancellor, Administration and Finance

Innovation and partnerships. Martin Wood, chief operating officer, University Advancement

Academic innovations. Peg Bacon, provost

Enterprise and business development. Susan Szpyrka, associate vice chancellor, Administration and Finance

Strategic enrollment management. Pam Shockley-Zalabak, chancellor

Initiative Areas Status & Report February 2010