Mission and Goals

The mission of the offices of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance group is to provide high quality, efficient, and effective services in support of the academic, research, and service activities of the University community.  We recognize that the University is a dynamic organization with a vision of providing unsurpassed, student-centered teaching and learning, and outstanding research and creative work that serves our community, state and nation.  Therefore, we commit to engage in those practices that will lead to the recognition of UCCS as the premier comprehensive regional research University of the United States.


  • Provide superior auxiliary services, including identification services, printing services, transportation, parking and bookstore;

  • Design, construct and maintain operationally efficient, safe and clean facilities that will promote the academic, research and cultural activities of the campus;
  • Maintain the fiscal integrity of the campus by ensuring that budgets and expenditures of University funds are reasonable and necessary as well as in compliance with State and other external mandates;
  • Bill, collect and account for all student related receivables and record and verify correctness and appropriateness of all campus cash transactions;
  • Provide police, risk management, and environmental health and safety services to the University community.  Protect the public safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus;
  • Provide property, lease and contract administration services to the campus;
  • Provide personnel services to the campus related to the administration of the Colorado State Personnel system, including the recruitment, testing, and referral of classified staff;
  • Provide a quality student athlete environment in conjunction with a robust academic program in support of the development of Colorado's and the nation's future leaders.