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Valerie Brodar

Associate Professor of Media Arts

My multimedia installations and videos investigate the perceptual nexus between domesticity, trauma, memory, dreams, and language. Exploring how personal narratives construct a sense of belonging to the physical, emotional, intellectual, and cultural body politic. Weaving together located and dislocated places, embodied and disembodied times, the presence and absence of individuals, objects, images, smells, and sounds, through an ephemeral reflection on the past. Using multi-sensory interactive technology to shift the individual's sense of a located self within the ever expanding virtual world. The viewer completes the work in a constantly changing interaction, reaction, experience; a dialogue of memories lost and found.

I see the artist as an educator having three primary roles as an interpreter, a nurturer and as a catalyst to the student's overall development of a personal voice. My courses are approached from a conceptual basis with an emphasis on developing a proficiency in technique and use of technology as an essential part of this process. I do my best to create a learning environment that is flexible and non-threatening based on patience, humor, diversity, encouragement, and acceptance.


M.F.A. in Time Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

B.F.A. in Printmaking & Fiber Arts, Carnegie Mellon University

Selected Exhibitions

Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Miraflores, Peru

Zico House, Beirut, Lebanon
Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

SOHO20 Chelsea, New York, NY

Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, IL

Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, IL

Gallery 2, Chicago, IL

The Erie Museum, Erie, PA

Courses I Teach

Lower Division

Upper Division
• Advanced Digital Imaging
• Professional Seminar