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The Film Studies option in the Visual and Performing Arts major is devoted to the study of film as a multicultural and transnational artistic discipline. The emphasis of this track is on film history, theory, and analysis. The department provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the moving image, which prepares the student for graduate programs in advanced film and media study or as a component to filmmaking. The Film Studies minor enriches many academic subjects and majors with its critical and multicultural exploration of cinematic expression.

Film Option: 54 credits

Students intending to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with a Film Studies option must complete 54 credit hours: 36 in Film Studies, 12 in VAPA, and 6 within another VAPA option for a Cross-Disciplinary component.

Film Studies Concentration Requirements: 36 credits

Lower Division Requirements: 6 credits
FILM 1000: Introduction to Film Studies
FILM 2000: Narrative Film

Upper Division Requirements: 30 credits
National Cinema courses 3000 / 4000 level (6 credits)
FILM 3450: German Film
FILM 3690: Topics in Hispanic Film
FILM 3720: Russian Avant-Garde Cinema: A Historical View 1915-1995
FILM 3730: Russian Art Cinema Today: A Historical View 1989-1997
FILM 3850: Austrian and Central European Film
FILM 4110: French or Francophone Film

Director or Thematic/ Genre course (3 credits)
FILM 3900: Special Topics courses
FILM 3330: Film, Video and the Avant-Garde
FILM 3950: Women in Film

Theory (3 credits)
FILM 4500: Film Theory

Practical Course Requirement (3 credits)
FILM 4030: Internship in Film Studies
FILM 9400: Independent Study in Film Studies

Electives in FILM (15 credits)
Chosen from 3000 / 4000 level courses

VAPA Requirements: 12 credits
3 credits VAPA 1000 level
6 credits VAPA 3900
3 credits VAPA 4000 Capstone

Cross-Disciplinary Requirements: 6 credits
2000 / 3000 / 4000 level courses in Art History, Music, Theatre or Visual Art

The two required initial courses, FILM 1000 and FILM 2000, offer a basic approach to film analysis through the study of composition, genre, plot structure, symbolism, and general cinema history. The upper division requirement of two courses in national cinemas and one course in either a specific director or a thematic/genre approach assures a varied experience of global cinema in its cultural and cinematic context. Other film studies courses explore a variety of national cinemas, offer specialized genre, period, or director study, and focus on various special topics. The Film Studies major emphasis requires all advanced students to complete FILM 4500: Film Theory and either FILM 4030: Internship in Film Studies or FILM 9400: Independent Study. Non-production (festivals, journalism, teaching assistant duties) settings are recommended for the internship experience, but a production setting is acceptable if the student has filmmaking knowledge and demonstrated ability. Independent study is restricted to majors and consists of a research project dealing with some aspect of the film studies program not covered in course offerings. The student must propose the topic to a film studies faculty member who serves as the student's advisor.

Film Studies Minor requirements: 18 credits

FILM 1000: Introduction to Film Studies
FILM 2000: Narrative Film
6 hours required lower division and 12 hours upper division

The minor in Film Studies enriches many academic subjects and majors with its critical and multicultural exploration of cinematic expression. Two required courses, offer the basics of film analysis in dominant and avant-garde cinema. Elective courses focus on national cinemas, current topics and genre/auteur study. Most electives are cross-listed and students may refer to the cross-listing for a description of the course.

For a current schedule or course descriptions please check out the UCCS Bulletin: http://www.uccs.edu/course.html