University Center, Student Creative Display Showcase


The University Center seeks to enhance the facility by displaying art, display, collections boxes which reflects expression that is taking place at UCCS, while promoting and enriching student life and culture by providing space to exhibit student, faculty and staff initiatives.

Who Can Participate:
All current UCCS student, faculty or staff.

How the Program Works:

Apply to have art displayed for an agreeable amount of time (no more than 2 weeks at a time). The University Center will choose where and how to display each piece.

Role of the Committee:

Select artwork/displays/collection boxes to exhibit in the University Center. Criteria under review include but are not limited to the submission piece, purpose, content, subject and message.  Other factors include time frame and space availability in the University Center.

Display Responsibility:

Applications must be submitted at least 1 week before requested display dates.  Display should look neat and presentable.  The group or individual is responsible for completely cleaning out display with in the agreed upon time frame.  For Display Cases a key will need to be signed out at the front desk.  Lost keys may result in a re-keying fee.  Displays that are not picked up or cleaned out will result in suspension from the display program.

Display application process

  Display Agreement

  Display Application

  Display Timeline and Checklist