University Center, Student Creative Display Showcase

The University Center is looking to display student creative projects for all visitors to enjoy.  So spread the word to all your campus friends; fill out an application and submit your best pictures, drawings or paintings.  All submissions will be reviewed and selected by a committee to be posted in the University Center during the Spring Semester.


The University Center seeks to enhance the facility by displaying student creativity that is taking place on UCCS, while promoting and enriching student life and culture by providing space to exhibit student, faculty and staff created art.

How the Program Works

Apply to have art displayed for an agreeable amount of time (no more than 4 weeks at a time). The University Center will choose where and how to display each piece.

Who Can Participate
All current UCCS student, faculty or staff.

Role of the Committee

Attend scheduled monthly meetings to review and select artwork submissions to exhibit in the University Center. Criteria under review include but are not limited to the artwork, content, subject and message.  Other factors include time frame and space availability in the University Center. All scheduling conflicts will be discussed by the committee during the monthly meetings.

University Center Display Case Locations

1st Floor

Curve Hallway by Southwest Entrance

1st Floor

North End of 1st Floor Hallway  

2nd Floor

Berger Hall Foyer


 University Center Wall Space Locations

1st Floor

Student Life Lounge

1st Floor

M.O.S.A.I.C. Wall

1st Floor

Game Room


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