University Center, Bulletin Board Posting Policy


The University Center has been given the authority to supervise the use of the campus bulletin boards.  Posting of information and/or announcements must be placed on the appropriate bulletin boards (locations listed below) and is not permitted on departmental bulletin boards, doors, glass walls, bathroom stalls or other finished surfaces. 


•·  Posted Materials may not be larger than 11"X17".

•·   All materials to be posted must be stickered at the University Center Information desk.

•·  Materials are removed every first and third Friday of each month.

•·  The University is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the loss, removal and/or damage to any materials posted in on University.

•·  Posted materials must have the name, phone number or email of a contact person.

•·  Posted materials may not be stapled or taped onto the bulletin boards.  Push-pins are permitted, use of staples or tape will result in the removal of materials.

•·  The residence and housing halls have a separate approval process and posting policy, found on this website:

•·  Materials will be assigned to one of the three categories listed below and must be posted only on those designated boards.

UCCS Sidewalk Kiosks

University marketing managed large format advertising enclosures around various locations.  Submit the ad for approval to,  in an approved file format along with the requested dates for airing of the ad. Ads can run for a maximum of one semester on a space-available basis. Eligibility to advertise and submission of an advertisement does not guarantee placement on any of the digital signs. Please Note: Ads will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The Auxiliary Services Marketing department reserves the right to edit submitted ads. All decisions on editing and ad placement are final

UCCS Events

This Bulletin board is for the posting of notices regarding meetings, activities and events sponsored by UCCS departments and recognized clubs and organizations.

Locations: Centennial Hall, Columbine Hall, Dwire Hall, Engineering Building, Library, Osborne Center for Science & Engineering and University Center.

Commercial Advertisements

University bulletin boards are for the posting of notices of a commercial nature by local business such as Restaurants, Bars, Fitness Centers, Hairstyling, and other services.  Limit of one notice per place of business per bulletin board. Students may use these boards to post items for sale such as books, furniture and cars.

Locations: Columbine Hall, Dwire Hall and University Center.

Digital Advertising Locations

Mountain Lion Connect

Anyone wishing to post to the virtual bulletin board in our commuter portal Mountain Lion Connect can fill out a form on our website: Individuals wishing to post must provide contact information.  They can also attach fliers or images.  Additionally, individuals can then indicate for how long they'd like their post to remain on the virtual bulletin board.

University Center Digital Signage

Auxiliary Services offers free advertising within the University Center's digital signage system. Ads must fit into one of the following categories:

•·  Ads for approved campus student club/organization events and activities.

•·  Ads for campus departmental services/offerings.

•·  Ads for external organizations with an official business partnership/relationship with UCCS.

Bulletin Board Locations:

Centennial Hall


1st Floor

Outside of rooms #145, 192, 113, 103, 102.


Columbine Hall


Floors 1 - 4

Hallway east of elevator and all stairwells.


Dwire Hall


1st Floor

College of Business: east and north hallway


Engineering Building


1st Floor

West side of central foyer (half board), across from room #105, inside Computer Science Dept. next to #194.

2nd Floor

Inside the Physics Office near room #222.

Osborne Center for Science & Engineering


Floors 1 - 4

Across from elevators.

3rd Floor

Across from B-348A.

4th Floor

Across from A-432A and A-426

University Center


1st Floor

Across from UC game room by restrooms.

1st Floor

Outside of south University Center entrance by loading dock.

2nd Floor

Outside of Berger Hall by elevator.