University Center Event Services Guidelines

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The Univresity Center, Event Services and Scheduling Office is excited to announce the launch of our new online reservation system called Virtual Event Management System (EMS).  This web portal will allow the campus community to request the use of space through an online reservation system that syncs directly with our scheduling software.  It will gather detailed information at the time the reservation is made to help process your requests more efficiently and accurately.  It will also allow you to browse a calendar of events already scheduled across campus.

Below you will find the link to the website and a tutorial video that will walk you step by step through the reservation process.  If you have any questions about the system or would like additional training, please contact our office at 255-3471 or  If you are trying to schedule an event or make changes to an event within 72 hours of the reservation you will need to contact our office directly.  The current online reservation form located on our website will no longer be active.  Please note that this is for events only;  classes for credit are still processed through Academic Scheduling.

Be sure your request is accurate, as setup and breakdown time is not automatically included, and room access will be prohibited outside of reservation start and end times.  Departments and clubs are free to schedule up to one year in advance.   Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received; with consideration given to group size, the type of program and available space. Management reserves the right to assign, and if necessary, reassign facilities to assure the most efficient and appropriate use of the facilities.


Customer Responsibilities

1.  Groups or individuals sponsoring an event are responsible for the actions of all participants.  Willful violation or negligence of this understanding by the group or individual may result in the loss of scheduling privileges.

2.  University Center equipment (tables, chairs, AV, etc.) is a student fee funded purchase and is therefore restricted to use within the University.

3.  Any transportation of equipment to non-University Center buildings must be done by the Physical Plant.  This will need to be requested by the individual coordinating the event.

4.  A representative of the group must remain on site until the event is completed and all participants and/or outside; vendors or performers have left the premises.   Customers are responsible for removing all equipment, decorations, and other equipment at the conclusion of the event.  Otherwise clean up fees may apply.

5.  Only food & beverages ordered through the University’s food service contractor, Sodexo, may be served on campus.  Exceptions to the catering requirement need to be requested in advance of scheduling and must have approval from Executive Director of Auxiliary Marketing.

Holidays and Extended Hours

Events charging attendees requiring admission fee, requesting donations or hosting fund raising are subject to rental fees.  The University Center will open early or, on days it is normally closed, close late for groups with a minimum size of 150 attendees.  An hourly labor fee (2 hr. min.) applies for holidays or extended hour reservations.  To confirm that your event date does not conflict with a religious holiday, please reference the following websites:  or

Areas to Reserve

We are happy to offer centralized Event Services and Schedule; representing all event areas on campus.  Let us know what type of event or meeting you are planning and we can help find the right location.  Please note University Center equipment (tables, chairs, AV, etc) is a student fee funded purchase and is therefore restricted to use in the University Center, the Lodge, and Breckenridge


Event Setup and Arrangement Requests

1. New Requests. Please be sure to designate a single contact for coordinating event reservations, especially with planning committees.   We ask that all arrangements be submitted at least one week ahead of your scheduled event and no more than three (3) business days in advance.  Requests made after that timeframe are not guaranteed.  Any changes to the initial reservation must be authorized and confirmed by the University Center Scheduling Coordinator.

2. Furniture. Room capacities are regulated by the fire code and cannot be exceeded for any reason.  Be sure to contact the UC Information desk for porter service; please do not move tables or chairs. Responsibility for notification of set-up needs rests entirely with the requesting party. 

3. Catering. Linens, table skirts and kitchen use are not provided and must be ordered with Sodexo.  The sale of food is not permitted at events.  It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to clean up and dispose of leftover food from the event.  Although trash services will be provided, indisposed items may result in additional clean-up charges.

4. Storage.  At its discretion, the University may agree to store a limited number of boxes and materials delivered within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the program/event.  Due to space constraints, the University cannot store materials delivered more than 24 hours in advance.  The University accepts no responsibility for safeguarding these materials.

5. Audio Visual. University Center Event Services Office does not provide laptops for meeting rooms.  Please be sure to inquire with the Audio Visual manager in regards to your event needs and our technical capabilities.  We do suggest a dedicated service technician for multi-function presentations.

6. Sound Amplification. Approval will be granted for use of amplification equipment at events if there is a high probability that the planned event will not disrupt or disturb other University activities.  If noise complaints are received from the surrounding community, the University Police will have the authority to ask event sponsors to lower the sound level or if necessary terminate the event.

7. Equipment Rental- Specialty audio video, lighting, and equipment needs beyond the University Centers inventory can be arranged for an additional fee. Rental equipment is subject to terms and agreements through 3rd party vendor and may differ depending on request.  Late cancellations, administrative fees, harmless liabilities may apply.



The University reserves the right at all times to control all licensed facilities and resources and to enforce all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Duly authorized representatives of the University may enter licensed premises for maintenance emergencies, safety concerns or if illegal activity is suspected.  Doors cannot be locked for any reason. Ask our planners about privacy screen for use at your event.