Heller Center for Arts & Humanities- Reservations

Below are forms and files to help you reserve and access the facilities at the Heller Center. Depending on who you are and what you're looking for, we have a couple different processes. Also below, you'll find some detailed information about facilities at Heller to help you identify which space could best accommodate your event. The Heller Center for Arts and Humanities can accommodate no more than 100 people at a time, including outside events.
To learn more about the Heller Center's history and facilities, please  CLICK HERE.

1. If you are NOT with a UCCS campus or department, please contact Conference Services to inquire about availability and reservations. 

2. If you are with a UCCS campus department or a registered student club and would like to reserve space for an event, please fill out the form below, print it and send it back to University Center Scheduling. Please refer to the MOU and Addendum, that outlines the possible charges for events at the Heller Center. Generally, on campus departments will be charged $200/day for events and meetings. On campus, registered student clubs will receive one event per month for free.

3. If you are a UCCS faculty member wishing to apply for residency for an artist/scholar to stay at the Heller Guest House, please fill out the form below and return it to: 

Dr. Suzanne MacAulay--VAPA and Heller Faculty Director
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, CoH 2001
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
smacaula@uccs.edu | 719.255.3865
Please note, a UCCS faculty or staff member must submit the application on behalf of their guest. 

4. If you are interested in scheduling an academic classes during the Fall and Spring Semesters, please contact Academic Scheduling before the final schedule deadline for each semester (719.255.3896, schedreg@uccs.edu).

Priority shall be provided Monday-Wednesday and Thursdays until 4:00 p.m. during the Fall and Spring semesters for those classes in Heller Center designated departments/programs (listed below). After the final schedule deadline, any request for the Heller Center Main House or Studio for Fall or Spring semester, including a request for a class, must be made through the University Center Event Scheduling Office. Monday-Thursday times that have not been scheduled by the final schedule deadline will be released and available for use by campus departments and outside groups.

(Art History, Anthropology, Biology, Dance, English, Film, Geography, Gallery Management, History, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre, WEST, Visual & Performing Arts, and Languages & Cultures)

If you have any questions about reserving space at Heller or accessing the property once your reservation has been approved, please call University Center Event Scheduling at 719.255.3471.

  • 1 person (overnight accommodations)
  • 20 people (max) in the green house
  • 40 people (max) inside
  • 20 people (max) in the studio