UCCSTeach alumni


Cindy Beggs currently teaches honors and regular chemistry at Discovery Canyon in Academy District 20.

Ryan Johnson currently teaches 10-12th grade regular, honors and AP chemistry at Sierra High School in Harrison District 2.

Emily Williams currently teaches science at the middle school level for Aspen View Academy in Douglas County.

Stephanie Willard currently teaches 6th grade science at Fox Meadow Middle School in Harrison District 2.

Zain Abukhdeir is furthering her education prior to starting her math teaching career.

Julie Bauman currently teaches 6th grade science at Eagleview Middle School in Academy District 20.

Katheryn Ford will be pursuing her master's degree in biology prior to starting her teaching career.

Shaun Rizk currently teaches math at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs District 11.

Mitchell Smith currently teaches high school biology for the Annette Island School District in Alaska. 

Audrey Szarka currently teaches middle school math at James Irwin Charter Academy in Harrison District 2.

Alex Tannehill currently teaches middle school science for the Annette Island School District in Alaska.

What Local Teachers Say About UCCSTeach

"Working with UCCSTeach for two semesters last year gave me an appreciation for your program. What an excellent way for young people to dive into the classroom while earning their four-year science or math degree (where were you when I was going through school). I highly support the idea of placing teacher hopefuls into a classroom setting early and your program is putting this into practice. As the UCCSTeach program grows, I hope to provide classroom and mentoring support in the years to come." 
— Elizabeth Schumann,  7th Grade Science, Jenkins Middle School

"The UCCSTeach candidates who came into my classroom were incredibly prepared; I even incorporated one of their lessons into my own class this year! My students looked forward to having them come in and really felt that they were helping them. I look forward to having more UCCSTeach students in my classroom."
— Marla Nelson, 8th Grade Science, Jenkins Middle School

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Student Organization – UTeachEm

The addition of new and dedicated faculty and staff has presented the UCCSTeach program with the opportunity to make improvements to the UTeachEm student organization.

This past summer, a UCCSTeach team, including leaders, faculty, staff, and students, attended the UTeach Conference in Austin, TX. Collectively, this UCCSTeach team felt that the UCCSTeach program needed to invest more time and effort into the program's student organization. The conference revealed that most UTeach replication sites have highly visible and active student groups that provide unique opportunities for students to grow professionally. Additionally, most replication sites depend heavily upon the student organization to help with advertisement and recruitment into the program. As a result of what was learned through the conference, the faculty and staff of the UCCSTeach program are seeking to grow theUTeachEm student organization in a way that benefits all students on campus.

What does this mean?

We highly encourage past club members to continue their involvement with the UTeachEm organization. As past members, they can provide a unique perspective to the student organization and help develop a dynamic and meaningful organization that benefits all students. Additionally, we highly encourage all UCCSTeach students, new and old, to become actively involved. New ideas will help provide new ways to engage the UCCS student population.

While the framework and regulations, as determined by UCCS for all organizations on campus, will be guided and directed by UCCSTeach faculty and staff members, the goal of the UTeachEm organization is to be organized, managed, and maintained by students. This organization will become highly visible on campus and will work collaboratively with other student organizations to provide opportunities for every participant to grow as professionals. Just as the UCCSTeach program promotes engagement, we want the UTeachEm student organization to actively engage students from across the campus.

The entire leadership structure of the UTeachEm organization has been redeveloped. This means that a new student leadership team will be established. The purpose of this restructuring is to help provide more opportunities for individuals to actively participate and help guide decisions in the UTeachEm organization. More importance will be placed upon the student organization and students will be actively involved in activities and decisions that will impact the entire UCCSTeach program.

More information coming soon...



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