Out of State Students

Credit by Exam (AP/IB/CLEP/DSST)


I am from out of state and I want to transfer to UCCS, how will my credits transfer?
- Official Transfer Evaluation You can receive an official transcript review within a week of being accepted to UCCS. Just go to www.uccs.edu/apply to apply. The transcript review will tell you exactly which courses transfer and how your individual courses apply to your degree. As a newly accepted student, you will also attend transfer orientation and meet with your academic advisor.  They will provide the official credit evaluation and chart a degree plan towards graduation.

As long as your previous college classes are not remedial/technical courses, they are from an accredited institution and if you have a “C” or higher, your courses will most likely transfer.

What are the majors and minors offered at UCCS?
- To review the majors and minors offered at UCCS, visit this website: http://www.uccs.edu/ssc/programs.html

How much does tuition cost at UCCS as an out of state student?
- Visit this website for more information on tuition costs:

How do I receive in-state tuition?

- For more information about how to receive in-state tuition rates, visit: