International Baccalaureate (IB)

Any student admitted to UCCS after June 30, 2003, who has graduated from high school having successfully completed an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program shall be granted at least 24 semester hours of college credit. No tuition shall be charged for these credits. These credits shall be granted, however, only if the student receives a score of 4 or better on an examination administered as part of the IB Diploma Program. Students who complete four Higher Level (HL) exams will receive 6-8 hours of credit for each exam. Students who complete three HL exams and three Standard Level (SL) exams will recieve 6-8 hours of credit for each individual HL exam and a total of 6 hours of general elective credit for all three of the SL exams in aggregate, as long as at least one of the SL exams has a score of 4 or better.

Students who do not complete the entire IB Diploma Program will receive credit for up to four HL exams completed with scores of 4 or better. No credit will be awarded for SL exams. Credit is not granted for an IB score if the student completes an equivalent college course or Advanced Placement exam.

All colleges at UCCS accept International Baccalaureate (IB) exam credits per the table below. Applicability may vary by college. Please contact an advisor in the Student Success Center for score interpretation and degree applicability.

International Baccalaureate (IB) exam equivalency decisions are made based on when the exam was taken, not when the student matriculates to UCCS.

Anthropology (Social) HL 4-7 ANTH 1040, ANTH 2999TC 6
Biology HL 4-7 BIOL 1300, BIOL 1310, BIOL 1350, BIOL 1360 6
Business & Organization HL 4-7 BUAD 1999TC 6
Chemistry HL 4-7 CHEM 1301, CHEM 1999TC 6
Computer Science HL 4-7 CS 1150, CS 1999TC 6
Design Technology HL 4-7 XFCR 1999TC 6
Economics HL 4-7 ECON 1999TC 6
English A HL: Literature 4 XFCR 1999TC 6
5 ENGL 1310, ENGL 1500 6
6-7 ENGL 1410, ENGL 1500 6
English A HL: Language and Literature 4-7 XFCR 1999TC 6
Geography HL 4-7 GES 1980, GES 1990 6
History, Africa Regional Option HL 4-7 HIST 1040, HIST 1999TC 6
History, Americas Regional Option HL 4-7 HIST 1040, HIST 1530 6
History, SE Asia/Oceania Regional Option HL 4-7 HIST 1040, HIST 1110 6
History, Europe Regional Option HL 4-7 HIST 1030, HIST 1040 6
History, South Asia/Middle East Regional Option HL  4-7 HIST 1040, HIST 1110 6
ITGS HL 4-7 XFCR 1999TC 6
Islamic History HL 4-7 HIST 1999TC 6
Languages - Group A-1 HL 4-7 XXXX 4999TC 8
Languages - Group A-2 HL 4-7 XXXX 1020, XXXX 2110 8
Languages - Group B HL 4-7 XXXX 1010, XXXX 1020 8
Mathematics (Calculus) HL 4-7 MATH 1350, MATH 1999TC 6
Music HL 4-7 MUS 1000, MUS 1999TC 6
Philosophy HL 4-7 PHIL 1999TC 6
Physics HL 4-7 PES 1010, PES 1020, PES 1150, PES 2150 6
Psychology HL 4 PSY 2999TC 6
5-7 PSY 1000, PSY 2999TC 6
Theatre Arts HL 4-7 THTR 1000, THTR 2020 6
Visual Arts HL 4-7 AH 1000, VA 1010 6

Note 1: Courses beginning with a departmental prefix but ending in "999TC" carry general departmental credit but do not have an exact equivalency.
Note 2: Courses carrying the XFCR course prefix carry credit, but do not have a relative department or exact equivalency.
Note 3: The XXXX prefix for Language equivalencies will be matched with the appropriate language department upon application of credit.