Engineering Concurrent Program

Program goals:

- To facilitate successful transfer of PPCC students interested in an Engineering degree at UCCS
- To allow students the opportunity to complete a BS in Engineering with a minimum of additional credits
- To allow students to complete an AGS degree while in the concurrent program
- To allow concurrent program students access to advising and facilities at UCCS

Admission Requirements:

Students must meet one set of criteria listed below before they can apply to the program. Admission to the program is predicated on admission to UCCS. Students who do not meet either set of criteria will not be eligible for the program.

Criteria set 1 - Students with fewer than 15 credit hours of college level course work will be evaluated based on typical freshman admission criteria to the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Generally students who meet the following minimum requirements will be seriously considered for the concurrent program:
- 21+ ACT or 1020+ SAT composite score
- 21+ ACT or 510+ SAT math score
- 19+ ACT or 450+ SAT English/Verbal score
- 3+ years of high school math to include either pre-calculus or trigonometry
- 3.2+ high school GPA or top 40% of class, whichever is higher
Students also will need to meet all Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR).

Criteria set 2 - Students who do not meet Criteria 1 and have completed at least 15 hours of college level course work (not including remedial course work) can apply to the program once they meet the following minimum criteria:
- 2.4 or higher transfer GPA
- A grade of "B" or better in one of the following courses: MAT 166 or 201

Meeting the criteria of either set is not a guarantee of admission to the program, but rather a minimum requirement a student should attain before attempting application.

Application Process:

        Do you meet minimum admission criteria for the Engineering Concurrent program?

        Apply to PPCC:"Apply Online"

        Apply to UCCS:
o    Mark on the application that you will send the application fee in the mail. Also send in official high school transcripts, ACT or SAT scores (unless you have 13 or more transferrable credits)and official college transcripts (if applicable). If you do not hear from us within 3 weeks after turning in all of these documents, contact Jacqueline Bisaillon

After you have applied to UCCS:
        Email Rich Doyle:, in the admissions office, and let him know you have applied for the Engineering Concurrent Program.
        Take a look at the Best Choices Guide for your major: > PPCC "Best Choices" Guide > College of Engineering
o    Computer Engineering Concurrent
o    Electrical Engineering Concurrent
o    Game Design and Development Concurrent
o    Mechanical Engineering Concurrent

        Once you have been accepted to UCCS, you are now in the Engineering Concurrent Program.
Register for orientation:
At this time you will meet with Robert King, UCCS Engineering advisor and he will tell you the specifics of the program, how your courses transfer and what classes you should take at UCCS.

Contact Jacqueline Bisaillon at UCCS, (preferred), (719) 255-3019, or Brook Bean at PPCC,, (719) 502-3454, if you have questions about the Engineering Concurrent Program.

Students will apply to UCCS and the program via the web application. Contact Rich Doyle ( to inform UCCS that you are Engineering Concurrent immediately after submitting the application. All other application materials must be submitted before an admission decision will be made (please refer to the online application for additional materials).

For Summer admission - May 1
For Fall admission - July 1
For Spring admission - December 1

New Student Orientation:
All new students are required to attend an orientation at UCCS before registering for courses. Please visit the Orientation website for more information.
At orientation the student will need to submit a form that allows UCCS and PPCC to share all pertinent information about the student (academic, financial aid, etc.). This form will be provided by the UCCS Engineering Advisor.

Program Requirements
Students will have additional requirements to fulfill each semester:
Required Advising:
Students will be required to see the advisors at both campuses in the fall and spring semesters before being able to register for courses.

Transcript Submission:
Students will be required to submit transcripts each semesters to both schools.

UCCS University Connection Program:
Student must enroll in the UCCS University Connection Program.

UCCS Degree Progress Report:
Engineering Concurrent Program students will have special degree progress reports available that will list both PPCC and UCCS courses.

Engineering Concurrent Program guides:

Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Game Design & Development

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid, for those students who qualify, will be processed through a consortium agreement with one of the schools as the home school. Check with the respective Financial Aid offices on each campus for more information.

UCCS Financial Aid
PPCC Financial Aid

General Questions:

If you have general questions about the Engineering Concurrent Program, please contact the Transfer Advisor at 719-255-4046 or