The Continental Divide Disaster Behavioral Health Conference continental divide disaster behavioral health conference
For over 150 years, pioneers in the Rocky Mountain West have been inventing ways to bridge the Continental Divide, an obstacle of enormous challenge with altitudes often exceeding 14,000 feet. The Annual Continental Divide Disaster Behavioral Health Conference continues this pioneering tradition by promoting the creation of exciting, innovative partnerships that improve interventions following a disaster, terrorist event, or pandemic outbreak. Scientists and practitioners must come together in order to infuse one another’s work with new ideas and understanding that will spark innovation in practice and in science.  As professionals passionate about disaster behavioral health we believe that by coming together we will build a bridge across the divide that separates us, one that will enhance our behavioral health community and advance our profession, bridging the divide between practitioners and scientists.  To date, three conferences to address these important issues have been held (2007, 2008, and 2009).