Information and Communication Technology for Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief Workshop


May 25-26, 2011

What it is:

HA/DR Tech is a two-day workshop to bring together academics, practitioners and agency participants to discuss the impact of information and communication technology on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. We will discuss recent advances in information sharing using innovative and collaborative tools and technologies-what exists, what needs to exist, and what guidelines and requirements should be developed for ethical, practical and effective coordination.


Colorado Springs Marriott, Colorado Springs, CO

* If you need additional assistance or are having difficulties reserving a room, please email your request to Please note that room availabilities are not guaranteed as we approach the conference dates.


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Partners and Participants:

  • Non-government agencies, universities, government agencies and first responder agencies. See list of logos of participating partners below.

Special Features:

  • Out brief of Exercise 24 EUR on social media and humanitarian assistance in Europe
  • Panel on information sharing ethics in humanitarian assistance and disaster response
  • Talks on trust management issues, security and lessons learned from recent social media and disaster relief situations
  • Preview of new tools and technologies


Dr. Jeannette Sutton

Trauma, Health and Hazards Center

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

(719) 255-3843 or 1-800-990-8227 x3843

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Social media and 'smart' technologies are transforming humanitarian assistance and disaster relief from every perspective. For disaster survivors it means the ability to send up a 'smoke signal' to friends, family, first responders, and the world at large. For first responders, it means a new set of channels to monitor unfolding and evolving situations. As technological solutions emerge, social relationships to facilitate the exchange of information become vital to effective recovery and relief efforts.

Key questions include: How can government partners, humanitarian organizations, and other entities productively and safely share information? What are the guidelines? What should information technologists know about creating new tools for responders and affected communities? What should communities expect? What should they demand?

HA/DR Tech workshop is designed to address those issues. Utilizing lessons learned from recent disaster responses and international virtual exercises. Workshop speakers will highlight ethics of information sharing including information privacy, transparency, and collaboration between organizations.

Workshop participants from U.S. government, non-government, and international relief agencies, military communities, and academia will be invited to dialogue with social scientists, information technologists, and humanitarian assistance agencies involved in deploying information and communication technology tools in disaster. Goals of the workshop include identifying strategies to facilitate interorganizational information sharing and collaboration, development and use of open source technologies, and mobilization of volunteer efforts for situational updates.

Workshop registration is open until all slots are filled. Please follow this link to register for the conference. Sessions will be held at the Colorado Springs Marriott.

Workshop is sponsored by ONR and will be hosted by the Trauma, Health and Hazards Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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Partners and Participants

VizCenter ONR
CrisisMappers URISA
OSINT logo Humanitarian
Access Agility logo


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