Cedar Leaguephoto of cedar league


  • Masters degree in Applied Geography in January, 2009 
  • Subject Area: societal impacts of natural hazards. 
  • Thesis title: “What were they thinking? Using YouTube to observe driver behavior while crossing flooded roads.”
  • B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sociology Whitman College.

Previous Work Experience

  • Marine conservation and eco-tourism in San Francisco, California
  • Taught environmental education in Montana and Colorado.

Cedar League joined the Trauma, Health & Hazards Center in June 2007 as a graduate research assistant for The Warning Project. She is currently a professional research assistant for THHC working for the Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA), a multidisciplinary project developing a new network of low-power and high resolution weather radars enabling earlier and more accurate forecasts and warnings for tornadoes and severe weather events. Cedar and Dr. Eve Gruntfest are working with the End-User Integration Team, investigating the new weather radars from a social science perspective. The research looks at how emergency managers will use the new CASA technology in their decision-making, how warnings are relayed to the public, and how CASA radars could potentially improve warning response by providing an increased lead-time for warnings to a more specific warning coverage area.