Make-up/ Early Exam Testing

Professors may drop off exams in Main Hall 105 or email When professors submit an exam they must complete a Testing Cover Sheet and submit with the exam. This gives the Testing Center the appropriate information to administer the exam properly. If a professor is e-mailing an exam, please make sure to provide all relevant information in the email.

It is crucial that students call and make an appointment with our office at least 24 hours in advance. This is to assure that our office will have proper testing coverage and be ready to administer the exam when the student arrives. The student will also be required to show a photo ID and pay a fee of $30.00 before testing can begin. **The $30.00 testing fee will not apply to students who are making up or taking an exam early due to an Mountain Lion Athletic Event**

Our drop-off locations on campus are as follows:

  • ACAD 102 (Mail Room)
  • CENT 141 (Anthro)
  • CENT 241 (Chem) 
  • ENG 201
  • ENG 274 (Math)
  • DH 235
  • DH 247F (Econ/Lang)
  • Osborne B-348 (Bio)
  • Osborne A-432 A (MAE)
  • UH Mail Room
  • MH 105 (professor pickup)
  • Scan/Email Exam to Instructor

The Testing Center delivers exams only to the above locations.  We can send the exam via scan/email, through campus mail or they can pick it up from our office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Also, please note that we do not guarantee delivery of the exams on the same day they are taken. If a professor needs an exam right away, they are welcome to pick up from the Testing Center - Main Hall 105.

Students with disabilities are also required to submit a Test Accommodation Form (different than the Testing Cover Sheet) to their professor one week before they are scheduled to take an exam. These students are also required to schedule their exams in advance to assure the office will be open and ready to administer the exam when they arrive.