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Service Charges

Service Description Cost
New Wiring Analog or VoIP/Data $330.00 per line
Analog phone number
(i.e. fax, credit card, etc.)
New activation, move or deactivation
Wiring must exist - if there is no existing wiring, the new wiring charge applies
$77.00 per hour

Equipment Charges

Part Description Cost
Cisco IP Phone 7945 Standard two-line phone $270.00
Cisco IP Phone 7965 Six-line phone $332.00
Sidecar Add up to 24 lines and/or speed dials per unit
The Cisco IP Phone 7965 is required
A maximum of two sidecars per phone is allowed
$260.00 per unit
Standard handset cord 12 inches coiled, stretches to 8 feet Comes with the phone
Long handset cord 18 inches coiled, stretches to 12 feet Free