To begin with, here is a general overview of the phone and voicemail features and options.

A couple of notes about the file:

  1. On page 2, the maximum number of conference participants is 8, not 4.
  2. On page 3, under Accessing Connection, steps 2 and 3 are ONLY used if trying to access your voicemail from another phone. If accessing your voicemail from your own phone, skip to step 4.
    1. Your Connection ID is your four-digit extension.
    2. Password and PIN are synonymous.
  3. On page 5, the Computer Login Info is your IT Account (same one you use to log into your computer with).
    1. The PIN referred to is NOT the same as your voicemail PIN - this PIN is used to log into certain features directly on your phone.
    2. Only individuals who have phones assigned to them can log into the website. Phones without users assigned cannot be accessed.
    3. Currently, the first time you go to the website, you must accept the certificate presented before you will be able to log in. Accepting a security exception varies by web browser. This is a known issue and is not a risk to your computer.
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