IT Telecommunications


New online forms available now!

The new request forms include:

  • Change Name on Existing Phone - one-stop for updating user information on the phone, voicemail, and the online directory
  • Disconnect Existing Phone - cancel a phone number
  • Install New Phone - request a new VoIP phone with phone number or a new analog number for an analog device (i.e. fax machine)*
  • Move Existing Phone - update directory and E-911 information; request assistance in moving a VoIP phone; request analog number be moved
  • New Port Install - request new wiring for data (i.e. computers or printers) and/or VoIP phones or for an analog number*

*Requests involving wiring (which includes any requests involving analog) will be completed on Tuesdays.

To access the online forms, click here: After logging in, navigate to "Telecom and Phone".

For instructions on how to use the Cherwell Self Service page, click here:

Cherwell Requests & Forms

If you have any questions about the available forms, please contact Telecom.

Later this year, help forms will be made available. While the forms are under construction, please continue to contact Telecom directly ( for any problems you may have.

The Telecom email address,, is back and is now monitored by the Cherwell service! This means messages to will, like messages to, generate an automatic reply that contains a tracking number. By taking advantage of the Cherwell service, we hope to improve our service to you by being able to keep better track of requests and problems.