Current Offerings

Spring 2017 Course Offerings for the Sustainable Development Minor

Parenthetical abbreviations indicate which perspective for the minor the course fulfills.

Required Capstone

GES 48- Sustainability Seminar - 3 credits (ENVT)

Core Courses

BIOL 3750 Conservation Biology (ENVT)

CHEM 1111 Environmental Science (ENVT)

SOC 4250 Sociology of the Environment (ENVT)

SOC 4380 Globalization and Development (EQTY)

WEST 4120 Indigenous Views on Sustainability (EQTY)

WEST 4280 Native American Philosophical Thought (EQTY)

ECON 3310: Ecological Economics (ECON)

COMM 4290 Communication, Social Responsibility and Sustainability (ECON)

PSC 4280 International Political Economy (ECON)

HRMG 4850 Research Project (sustainability related) *instructor permission required (ECON)

Elective Courses

GES 1000: Climate and Vegetation (ENVT)

GES 2050: Digital Earth (ENVT)

GES 4410: Resource Management and Conservation (ENVT)

GES 4420: Conservation and U.S. Public Lands (ENVT)

GES 4480: Environmental Problems of Colorado (ENVT)

GES 4500: Water Resources and Problems (ENVT)

MAE 2301: Thermodynamics (ENVT)

PES 1510: Energy Science II (ENVT)

PES 2500: Sustainable Energy Fundamentals (ENVT)

PHIL 3500: Buddhist Philosophy (EQTY)

GES 4460: Field Studies in Silverton (EQTY)