Office of Sustainability

 Green Purchasing

UCCS is committed to greening its purchases as much as it it possible. Below are some of the areas that we have initiated green purchasing policies, guidelines, or procedures. More information about UCCS' commitment as part of the University of Colorado system can be found here.


ENERGY STAR®Certified Products

ENERGY STAR logoIn 2008, the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance addressed to the campus new purchasing guidelines. The purchasing guidelines, signed into order by Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. in April 2007, ask state departments, agencies, and offices to take a position of leadership in the procurement of products that are ENERGY STAR certified. The purchase of ENERGY STAR rated equipment will to help increase energy efficiency at the Univeristy while decreasing our environmental impact. View the UCCS ENERGY STAR policy here.

Cleaning Supplies 

Although we do not have formal policy to require green cleaning products on campus, the university's "Green Purchasing Guidelines" encourage purchasing of green cleaning products and procedures and practices to reduce pollution and release of toxic wastes. 

Currently we work informally with our cleaning product suppliers to ensure that all products meet Green Seal or Environmental choice certification, if possible -- over 90% of the cleaning products used on campus meet one of these criterion. Currently the floor care product that is used does not meet Green Seal or Environmental Choice criteria, but we are working with our vendors to supply one that does.


The university is completing an RFP process to purchase EPEAT certified computers. The RFP states the following: The University wishes to purchase Computer Hardware that is Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Silver and/or Gold certified. Offerors are encouraged to propose EPEAT certified Computer Hardware. The chosen vendor submitted a proposal supplying 9 out of 10 EPEAT products for the university.


The Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance, on behalf of the Campus Leadership Team, sent an email to all deans, directors, department chairs, and administrative assistants encouraging them to purchase at least 30% recycled paper. The email states:

"In an effort to continue aligning UCCS campus sustainability initiatives with the Governor's ‘Greening of the State Government' executive order and to meet campus goals, we strongly encourage you to purchase paper with a minimum of 30% recycled content starting October 1, 2010. Staples will work with all departments on campus to substitute virgin paper orders with recycled paper of 30% or greater recycled paper content."

"Once again, individuals that make up the campus community have demonstrated a commitment that has made the university an environmental leader. Thank you for your support and persistence in reaching toward our goals."

For your convenience, here are the order numbers through Staples for the most popular 30% recycled paper selections:
• Letter (8.5” X 11”), SKU #492071 (Ream), SKU #492072 (Carton)
• Letter 3-Hole (8.5” X 11”) SKU #580524
• Legal (8.5” X 14”) SKU #580525
• Tabloid (11” X 17”) SKU #580336