The UCCS Office of Sustainability unites the efforts of faculty, staff and students to support development and lifestyles on campus and in the community that sustain natural resources and protect the environment, ultimately ensuring the ability of future generations to meet their needs too.

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UCCS Office of Sustainability
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
CSB 230
Colorado Springs CO 80918
Telephone: 719.255.3089

The Office of Sustainability is a department of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Auxiliary Services

Enterprise Services such as the Bookstore, Family Development Center, Copy Center, Heller Center, and Sodexo Dining Services and more are trying to make an impact on campus. Each service has implemented business practices that fit their department to better service clients, budgets, and our environment. All of these services on campus yield great information and tips that can be used in your own home or business!   


Auxiliary and Enterprise Services committed to the ongoing development of sustainable business practices are:

  • the Family Development Center by starting a children's organic garden. Children choose, plant and eat the foods from the garden.hydration station

  • Sodexo Dining Services now have a new Hydration Station in Cafe '65 to fill your water bottle.  
  • Public Safety has implemented a UCarshare rental car program for students so that they can consider leaving their cars at home.

  • the Recreation Center has  played a role, with a number of other campus departments, in the planning and implementation of bike to work day. This program encourages faculty, staff and students to utilize bicycles as an alternative transportation to campus.

  • the UCCS Bookstore has "green" graduation regalia available for purchase. It is made from recycled materials and graduates are encouraged to recycle it after use.

  • the Copy Center uses paper with recycled content with the exception of white paper which is produced largely by wind power.

  • Conference Services materials are customized and updated frequently which minimizes paper waste due to outdated materials.

  • Residental Life and Housing encourages residents to participate in RecycleMania, Recycle Week and Mini Mt. Trashmore. The new housing halls will be built to LEED Gold certification.

  • the University Center - Home of the Gallogly Events Center is a LEED Gold building and assisted in the development and implementation of the Clyde's Carryout Container program.

  • the Galleries of Contemporary Art has recently integrated new lighting fixtures and by going paperless saving hundreds of pounds of paper.


Learn more about how each of these enterprise services at UCCS are contributing to sustainability by checking out their website here.