Volunteer with Sustainability

Volunteers at Clean the StreamHere at the Sustainability Office, our goal is to help educate the rest of the campus on the importance of living sustainably and trying to make UCCS as GREEN as possible. Click here to get plugged in!

As a volunteer, the tasks that you will do have a direct and important impact on how we operate here at UCCS: everything that you do with the Office is for a purpose, and we respect and appreciate your contribution. 

Also, for our more dedicated volunteers, we have the capability to provide references and letters of recommendation for future positions. Last, but not least, although we cannot hire all of our volunteers, volunteering is most certainly a pathway to employment within the Sustainability Office.

We recognize that your time is one of your most precious commodities; there's no way to get it back after you've spent it. And, as students, our top priority is school. In the Office, we work with our volunteers to maximize their extra-curricular experience while respecting the reason why students come to UCCS.

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to:Adopt A Waterway

  • • Meet passionate, like-minded individuals
  • • Gain professional experience in a safe environment
  • • Bolster your resume with projects you've completed with the Office
  • • Obtain a letter of recommendation from Linda Kogan, Director of Sustainability
  • • And much more...


The UCCS Office of Sustainability is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, so service hours logged with us can count for any course-related or court-ordered service requirements.

Get Involved:

Whether it's by volunteering or just coming to check out an event, we have so much already planned for this upcoming year and we can't wait for you to be a part of it! The UCCS   Office of Sustainability strives to tailor the content of the Volunteer Program to the individual needs and interests of our volunteers. This Program is for you, the volunteer, and we are dedicated to making the volunteer experience as personal, engaging, and fun as possible! To see what volunteers have done for us in the past, check out our photo gallery.

Volunteer Application:

If you are interested in volunteering with the Office of Sustainability, please fill out our Volunteer Application and we'll get you plugged in! If you have any questions regarding the Sustainability Volunteer Program, please send an email to GoGreen@uccs.edu.