Forms For Current Student Employees
Name Description
Off-Campus Work Study Time Record- Spring 2017 Please verify that your student has a Spring 2017 work study award before allowing them to work. Filled out by student, given to supervisor by due dates for payment.
Work Study Calculation Tool For recording and planning work study award usage
Appeal for Work Study 2016-2017 Complete this form if you would like to appeal for work study for the 2016-2017 aid year.
Forms For New Student Employees
Name Description
Affirmation of Legal Work Status This form must be accompanied by the I-9 form along with the acceptable documents.
Direct Deposit Authorization Set up direct deposit using your MyUCCS Portal. Click on CU Resources > My Info and Pay > Direct Deposit.  Paper checks are only issued when a problem prohibits direct deposit.
Employee Goals Sheet
Employee Expectations Samples Optional supplement to job descriptions
Acceptable Documents for I-9 Please bring the appropriate documents as specified in "Lists of Acceptable Documents" to Student Employment.  UCCS uses electronic I-9 and E-Verify.
Personal Data Worksheet (PDW) To change personal info (address, phone, etc.)
Social Security Card Replacement Site To fill out form for a replacement Social Security Card if you can't find your original card.
W4 Information Sheet How to complete a W-4 properly
IRS Form W-4 Make your selections within 7 days using the Portal.  Click on CU Resources > My Info and Pay > W-4.
Forms For Supervisors
Name Description
Documentation Logs and Written Warning
New Hire Check-In Procedures Must be completed by each new hire
Check-out Procedures Lists the steps required when a student employees is terminated
Evaluation Form (Narrative Format) To evaluate student employee's job performance
Evaluation Form (Checklist Format) To evaluate student employee's job performance
Interview Results Record For recording the results of job interviews.
Background Check Authorization Form For any position which requires a background check, this form must be completed by the department and signed by the employee before the SEPO is created for the student.  This form should be returned to the Human Resources Office in Cragmor Hall 110.
Wage Change Offer (WCO) Form used when employee wages change (raises, promotions). Last updated 1/23/2017
Compensation Guidelines Guidelines for student employee compensation.
Student Employment Position Offer (SEPO) Used for hiring any student employee.  Last updated 1/23/2017
Student Employee Electronic Signature Statement Required for student employees using the MyLeave system.
Supervisor Electronic Signature Statement Required for supervisors of student employees using the MyLeave system.
Student Employee Termination Notice Required to terminate a student employee. Last updated 1/23/2017
Payroll Expense Transfer Worksheet Used to change funding sources for student employees
Late Pay Request Sheet Complete this form and send to if late pay is needed for any student employee.
Multiple Position Disclosure Form For students with multiple positions--each supervisor should have a signed copy on file