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Committee Chair/Co-Chairs
UCSC Representatives:

Jane Muller (x4553) Tina Collins (x3258)

Administrative Liaison: Homer Wesley
Ad Hoc Members: TBA
Staff Awards (Spring Luncheon): Kim Weaver (x3612)
Blood Drive:

Gayanne Scott (x3388) Julie Brewster (x3482)

Bookstore Advisory: TBA
Bylaws: TBA
Campus Activities Board: TBA
Courtesy / Orientation: TBA
Elections Mary McGill (x3016)
Historian(s) & Webmaster: Joey LaConte (x3298), Sam Frank (x4289)
Holiday Service Project

Sheryl Botts (x4074) Sherry McDonnell (X4320)

Legislative Watch:
Outstanding Staff Award: Mary Lou Kartis (x4182)
Parking Appeals Advisory Board: Contact Nikki Coahran (x3288) for info
Public Relations:
Employee of the Quarter:

Rhea Taylor (x3505) Shannon Cable (x3055)

School Supply: Andreanna Romero (x3176)
SEEDS (Staff Development Committee): Mary Lile (x3703)
Spring Luncheon: Jennifer O'Connell (x4444)

Profession Development Committee

Tyson randall (x3103) Jennifer O'Connell (x4444)

Statewide Liaison: Rose Johnson (x4018)