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Staff Council and University (PESA) Staff Committees

Many are joint committees for both Classified and University Staff

<tdEmployee of the Quarter:

Ad Hoc Members: These are assigned as the need is identified

* Blood Drive: 

Ida Dilwood (x3653) idilwood@uccs.edu
Mathew Roesemann (x3389)mroesema@uccs.edu
* Welcome Committee : Cindy Norton (x3212) cnorton@uccs.edu
* Elections (Staff Council)/a>: Mary McGill (x3016)mmcgill@uccs.edu
* Employee of the Quarter: Carol Kumm (x3181) ckumm@uccs.edu
Lynaye Stone (x3621)lstone@uccs.edu
* Holiday Service Project: Mary Lile (x3703) mlile2@uccs.edu
Kara Carragher (x3608) kcarragh@uccs.edu
* Outstanding Staff Award: Steve Linhart (x3838) slinhart@uccs.edu
* Professional Development Committee: Ali LaForce (x3057) alaforce@uccs.edu
* School Supply: Lissanna Follari (x4102)lfollari@uccs.edu
* SEEDS (Staff Development Committee): Sheryl Botts (x3121) sbotts@uccs.edu
Spring Luncheon: Sabrina Wienholtz (x3632)swienhol@uccs.edu
Steve Medlin (x3156)smedlin@uccs.edu
* Staff Awards (Spring Luncheon): TBA
Statewide Liaison (Staff Council): Rose Johnson (x4018) rjohnso8@uccs.edu

* Mandated by by-laws

Standing Campus/System Committee Representatives
UCSC Representatives for Staff Council: Angela Townsend (x4018) atownse4@uccs.edu
UCSC Representatives for PESA: Ida Dilwood (x3653) idilwood@uccs.edu
Anja Wynne (x3306) kwynne@uccs.edu
UBAC Representatives for Staff Council: Andy Burkart (x4291) aburkart@uccs.eduend of UBAC 2014-15
Deanna Ely (3313) dely@uccs.eduend of UBAC 2014-15
Angela Townsend (x3313) atownse4@uccs.eduend of UBAC 2015-16
UBAC Representatives for PESA Sondra Peterson (x3930) smeyer2@uccs.eduend of UBAC 2014-15
Jerry Phillips (x 3649) jphillip@uccs.eduend of UBAC 2015-16
Ralph Giese (x4327) rgiese@uccs.eduend of UBAC 2016-17
Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee for PESA Sabrina Wienholtz (x3632)swienhol@uccs.edu
Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee for Staff Council TBA
IntercollegiateAthletics Advisory Committee - Staff Council Gudrun McCollum (x3523)gmccollu@uccs.edu
IntercollegiateAthletics Advisory Committee - PESA Ron Honn(x3201)rhonn@uccs.edu
Parking Appeals Advisory Board: Robynne Dahl (x3591) rkipling@uccs.edu
Sarah Elsey (x3354) selsey@uccs.edu
Kory Bond (x3249) kbond@uccs.edu
Brad Bailey (x3397) bbailey3@uccs.edu
Patricia Rea (x3544) prea@uccs.edu