Staff Council By-Laws




Section 1 : The name of the organization shall be "University of Colorado Colorado Springs Staff Council", hereinafter referred to as Staff Council ("SC").

Section 2 : The Staff Council is established to represent classified, employees of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, hereinafter referred to as UCCS.

Section 3 : Membership of the Staff Council Executive Board (SCEB) shall consist of the President, President Elect Executive Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. These individuals must be classified staff of the University who are employed 50% of full-time or more. Ex-Officio members, as defined in Article III, Section 3.F, shall also be members of SCEB.

Section 4 : Membership of the SC shall consist of the Staff Council Executive Board (SCEB), SC Committee Chairs, and one or more representatives from each campus unit, office, college, department or division . All Staff Council Members must be classified staff of the University who are employed 50% of full time or more.


Section 1 : To initiate and provide means for the exchange of information among UCCS employees relative to issues of mutual concern.

Section 2 : To foster a spirit of unity, cooperation and loyalty among all UCCS employees.

Section 3 : To consider methods and means by which overall working conditions may be improved and operating efficiency increased.

Section 4 : To study and to make recommendations to administrative officers concerning problems and policies of mutual concern relating to UCCS employees and the general efficient functioning of the campus and the university.

Section 5 : To be responsible for matters of concern as may be assigned to it by the Chancellor.

Section 6 : To disseminate information and make recommendations concerning candidates for the various state boards which have impact on the staff.

Section 7 : To work with PESA Executive Board, Faculty Assembly, and any other groups, or bodies on all of the University's campuses to fulfill the aforementioned purposes.

Section 8 : To aid in the strategic planning goal of establishing an environment conducive to the recruitment, retention, development, and recognition of an excellent staff.

Section 9: The organization of this Staff Council shall in no way affect the right of staff employees to belong to other organized groups of their choice, nor shall it preclude the functioning of such organizations.


Section 1 : The purpose of the Staff Council Executive Board is to serve as the governing body of the Staff Council. The day-to-day operations of the Staff Council shall be carried out by the Staff Council Executive Board.

Section2 : Nominations and Elections


A. Elected officers shall be (Co) President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.


B. The volunteer chair of the elections committee shall be responsible for the following:


a. Compiling and presenting candidates to the classified staff via email.


b. Delivering email ballots to all UCCS classified staff by April 15 of each year.


c. Receiving and tallying ballots.


d. Disseminating election results.


e. Conducting run-off elections, if needed.


C. All current UCCS classified staff employees who are employed 50% or more full-time are eligible to serve on the Executive Board.


D. Nominations for Executive Board Members shall be solicited by April 15 of each year with elections to be completed by May 15.


E. Candidates may volunteer or be nominated by current classified staff employees. Candidates must have supervisor approval form turned into the current SCEB Secretary before their name will be placed on the ballot.


F. Each current classified staff employee may submit one vote for each office. Voting by proxy and absentee voting are not allowed.


G. The candidate who receives a simple majority of the votes cast shall be declared the winner of that office. If, none of the candidates for a particular office receives a majority of the votes cast, a run-off election between the top two candidates for the particular office will be held.


H. In the event of a run-off election, the names of the top two vote receiving candidates will be resent via electronic survey to all current classified staff employees for a vote. The candidate receiving the majority of votes cast will be declared the winner.


I. The new slate of officers will be announced and presented by June 1 of each year. The term of office for each Executive Board position shall be July 1 through June 30.


J. There is no limit to the number of terms officers may serve except for the President position. The President will be limited to a one-year term. Other officers must be reelected at the end of each of his/her one-year term in order to continue to serve.


K. The President may select a classified staff employee to fill any Executive Office position that becomes vacant. The selected individual will serve out the remainder of the term. If the office of the President becomes vacant, the President Elect will have all the powers, prerogatives, and responsibilities of the President.


L. At the conclusion of the President Elect's term, that individual will automatically assume the Office of the President for the subsequent year. If the President Elect chooses not to assume the Office of the President, the President will be elected in accordance with the election procedures outlined in this section.


M. A petition for removal from office can be submitted for any Executive Board Member that is deemed to be remiss in fulfilling their duties or for actions that are not in the best interest of classified staff employees. The petition will be reviewed by current Executive Board Members and if the Board deems it is a legitimate complaint, a ballot will be sent to all current classified staff employees to vote on the removal of that Officer. The Officer will be removed from office with a majority vote of ballots cast.

Section 3 : Duties of the Officers

A. President

1. The President shall:

a. Preside at all Staff Council meetings and enforce all regulations and policies as specified in the By-laws.

b. Approve all expenditures and be responsible for Staff Council fiscal matters.

c. Serve as needed or desired as an ex-officio member of any standing committees.

d. Identify items for discussion for each regular and any special Staff Council meeting.

e. Appoint standing and special interest committee chairpersons and members of all standing committees as specified in Article V.

f. Serve as spokesperson for the Staff Council or designate the President Elect or another Staff Council member in the absence of the President Elect to perform this function for specific requests.

g. Call special meetings as required.

h. Serve as University of Colorado Staff Council Ex-Officio per UCSC By-laws.

2. The position of President may be filled by two individuals. In the case of Co-Presidents, the two persons will designate one person as the voting officer. This designation shall be made at the beginning of the Co-Presidents' term and remain in place throughout their term.

B. President Elect

1. The President Elect shall:

a. In the absence of the President, have all the powers, prerogatives, and responsibilities of the President. The President Elect shall work closely with the President or Co-Presidents in all duties.

b. Assume the office of President on July 1 following his/her year as President Elect.

c. Assist the President with other duties as assigned.

2. The position of President Elect may be filled by two individuals. In the case of Co-President Elects, the two persons will designate one person as the voting officer. This designation shall be made at the beginning of the Co-President Elects' term and remain in place throughout their term.

C. Executive Secretary

1. The Staff Council Executive Secretary shall, as directed by the President:

a. Record the proceedings of Staff Council and Staff Council Executive Board meetings.

b. Prepare the minutes.

c. Distribute the minutes.

d. Prepare and distribute any agendas.

e. Prepare general Staff Council correspondence.

f. Coordinate staff enrichment by chairing the Professional Development Committee.

g. Recruit and recommend a slate of current standing committee chairpersons, University committee chairpersons and search committee members to the President or Co-Presidents for appointment. Such a list shall include alternates for short notice appointments or replacements.

h. Shall assist the President with other duties as assigned.

D. Treasurer

1. The Treasurer shall:

a. Prepare fiscal documents for Staff Council.

b. Prepare an annual budget request for the coming fiscal year, for the Staff Council Executive Board's approval. The request should be submitted prior to the deadline to the UCCS Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

c. Keep accurate records of all expenditures of Staff Council and any special accounts that may be set up.

d. Report the total expenses and current balances to the Staff Council Executive Board at each meeting.

e. Assist the President or Co-Presidents with other duties as assigned.

E. Immediate Past President

1. The Immediate Past President shall be filled by the individual, or individuals in the case of Co-Presidents, who served as President for the previous term. The Immediate Past President shall assist the President with duties as assigned.

F. Ex-Officio Members

1. If the immediate Past President or either of the immediate Past Co-Presidents chooses not serve as Past -President, the Staff Council Executive Board may select an Ex-Officio member who demonstrates a unique knowledge, expertise, or contribution that can be brought to the Staff Council Executive Board.

2. Another Ex-Officio member shall be the Chancellor's Liaison. Chosen at the discretion of the Chancellor, the Liaison will represent administration at Staff Council meetings.

3. The representatives to University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC), shall also be Ex-Officio members of the SCEB.

4. Ex-Officio Members shall assist the President with other duties as assigned.

Section 4: Voting

A. Each position within the SCEB shall have only one vote. If the position is occupied by two individuals in a co-leadership role, one person shall be designated as the voting member. The two individuals sharing the position will designate the voting individual at the beginning of the term.

B. No one individual may hold more than one voting position in any given term. When the President/Co-Presidents are serving as ex-officio member/s of any standing committee, they will have only one vote.


Section 1: Staff Council Standing Committees

A. Committee members shall be drawn from current classified staff employees and exempt employees.

B. The length of service on Standing Committees shall be unlimited but a committee member may only serve as Chair for two consecutive years. After one year of not serving as Chair, the individual may be reappointed as Chair of the committee.

C. Any UCCS employee may serve on more than one Standing Committee concurrently.

D. Standing Committees shall be:

1. Courtesy/Orientation Committee

The Courtesy/Orientation Committee works to welcome new staff employees with a new staff handbook and an orientation.

2. Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee works to administer the funds, (a portion of the facilities monies), which were allotted to the SC, beginning with the summer of 1987, in a fair and equitable fashion to promote staff development on the UCCS campus.

3. Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for overseeing the elections of SCEB members each year. The President will appoint a classified staff employee to chair the Elections Committee

4. Staff Awards Committee (awards at Spring Luncheon)

The Staff Awards Committee works with the Personnel Office to verify Longevity of Service for staff members. The Committee works with the Bookstore to acquire the Longevity of Service awards to be presented at the Spring Luncheon.

5. Outstanding Staff Award (awarded at Chancellor's end of year event)

The Outstanding Staff Award Committee works to assist the campus in selecting and identifying one staff member as the Outstanding Staff member for the year. The Chancellor awards a cash prize to the award recipient.

6. Spring Luncheon Committee

The Spring Luncheon Committee works to set up the annual Spring Luncheon where staff and the campus community come together for fun, food, and an awards ceremony.

7. Blood Drive Committee

The Blood Drive Committee works to create awareness about the importance and safety of donating blood and to encourage people to become blood donors at the blood drives. A minimum of two blood drives are held each year.

8. SEEDS Committee

The SEEDS Committee works to review applications for monetary awards for professional enhancement

9. Holiday Service Committee

The Holiday Service Committee works to help provide food and gifts for needy families from within the UCCS community during the winter holidays.

10. School Supply Drive Committee

The School Supply Drive Committee works to help provide school supplies for an elementary school from within the Colorado Springs community.

Section 2 : University Committees with Staff Council Representation

A. Staff Council Members serve on many University committees. Most of these committees have their own By-laws regarding length of appointment, eligibility, etc. Examples of these committees are the UCCS Strategic Planning Committee, the University advisory committee, and the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory.

B. All University committees which request Staff Council representation contact the Staff Council President for recommendations. The President will supply names from which the committee may select the member.

C. Staff Council members may serve on more than one University committee concurrently.

Section 3 : System-Wide Committees

A. University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC)

1. The UCSC shall include two UCCS Staff Council Members and one UCCS PESA Member . In addition, there must be one alternate (the Staff Council President or one of the Co-Presidents or designee.) Representatives to UCSC must meet appointment criteria as established by UCSC by-laws.

2. The length of appointment shall be three years and shall begin on July 1 Members terms shall be staggered, with one new representative appointed each year.

3. Members may miss three meetings per year. If the member misses more than three meetings, he/she may be removed from UCSC.

4. Volunteers should submit their names, reasons for interest in UCSC and confirmation that a three-year commitment can be met to the Staff Council Executive Board. The Staff Council President will select the members with advisement from the Executive Board.

5. One or more of UCSC representatives, excluding the PESA representative, shall attend Staff Council Executive Board meetings as non-voting members.

6. Staff members may serve on more than one system-wide committee concurrently.


Section 1 : Staff Council Executive Board and general Staff Council meetings shall be open to all members of the University community. The Staff Council President may request non-members to introduce themselves.

Section 2 : Staff Council shall hold at least two general meetings per year, once in the fall and once in the spring. These meetings shall be open to all University members.

Section 3 : Special meetings of the general Staff Council and Staff Council Executive Board may be called at the discretion of the Chancellor.

Section 4 : Speaking limitations for agenda items shall be determined by the President.

Section 5 : Additional or emergency general Staff Council meetings may be called by the President or Co-Presidents or by written petition of five Staff Council members.

Section 6 : The Staff Council Executive Board shall meet at least monthly and may meet at additional times as necessary in order to make decisions regarding the ongoing operation of the Staff Council.

Section 7 : An off campus Staff Council retreat for the outgoing SCEB, incoming SCEB, and chairs of University committees shall be held as close as possible to July 1 of each year. This retreat shall cover detailed committee reports by the committee chairs, review of prior year activities, and the establishment of goals for the upcoming year.


Section 1 : Any Staff Council member may propose an amendment to the By-laws. Copies of the proposed amendment and a ballot shall be sent to each Staff Council member ten working days prior to the balloting deadline.

Section 2 : If the proposed amendment receives a two-thirds majority vote of those voting, it shall be adopted.

Section 3 : Balloting may occur only twice each fiscal year.