Peer Advisor Program

Student Success Center Peer Advising Program

The mission of the Student Success Center's peer advising program is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful, para-professional work in the field of academic advising. Through this structured program students will leave with an established foundation of advising best practices and development of professionalism in higher education settings.

   1. The values of academic advising are based on the NACADA's mission of:
   2. Championing the educational role of academic advisors to enhance student learning and development in a diverse world
   3. Affirm the role of academic advising in student success and persistence, thereby supporting institutional mission and vitality
   4. Anticipate the academic advising needs of 21st century students, advisors, and institutions
   5. Advance the body of knowledge on academic advising
   6. Foster the talents and contributions of all members and promote the involvement of diverse populations

The goal of the Peer Advising program is provide effective and efficient training to peer advisors to help address the needs of the UCCS student population through academic advising. To also provide mentorship to peer advisors helping them grow their professional, academic and personal skill sets and knowledge.






Become a Peer Advisor!

Application Checklist


q  Complete the Application Form

q  Complete the Application questions on a separate sheet of paper

q  Attach your resume to the application materials

q  Read and sign Position Description

  o    If you are submitting your application electronically, replace the signature with your initials

q  Return application materials to the Student Success Center Front Desk (Main Hall 208) or send all materials in one e-mail to Valerie McClinton at