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If you are a currently enrolled student please contact your advisor directly. This service is only for general inquires.

"Email An Advisor" is offered by the Student Success Center as a service to all undergraduate students (current, prospective and transfer), faculty and staff members. This service is limited, due to the scope of advising that can be provided via email. This service is meant as a supplement to traditional advising appointments.

Please enter your question along with the information requested below. We will make every effort to answer your question within three business days.

If you find that you are in need of further assistance after receiving your response,  please make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Student Success Center by calling us at (719) 255-3260.  You are also welcome to stop by our offices, located in the Student Success Help Center, 2nd floor Main Hall, during our hours of operation. Please bring a copy of the response you receive.

Important to note:

Answers provided through "E-mail An Advisor" are dependent upon the information provided via your question. Therefore, specific information provided in the questions will yield more specific answers.

The answers we provide are based upon the most recent information received by the Student Success Staff from the various Departments, Schools and Colleges within the university.

This site is not a secured site, and therefore any information submitted is not encrypted and is totally voluntary. Please do not submit Social Security numbers.

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