Degree Audits

Your degree audit will help you:

Identify academic/degree requirements
Help track remaining courses to degree completion
Provide visual progress including real time list of classes
Provide hypothetical, "what-if" degree information
Identify transfer credits
Enhance your visit with your advisor

Students, to access your degree audit you will need to log in to the student web portal at using your campus login and password (what you use to login to campus computers and webmail). Once you have logged into the student web portal, click on the "Student" tab. Then click on the "Access Degree Audit" button under the "Academic Resources" section of the page to launch your degree audit. You will then need to re-enter your campus login and password to enter your degree audit.

For step by step instructions please download the Degree Progress Help document that walks you through the log in process, and shows you how to request a degree audit.

If you have questions about your specific degree audit, please contact an academic advisor at the Student Success Center or at 719-255-3260.