Supervisory Institute


Colorado peace officers who successfully complete the supervisory training provided by the CSC (County Sheriffs of Colorado) and the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) through the Supervisory Institute program and enroll in an additional academic component will be offered undergraduate or graduate credit through UCCS School of Public Affairs innovative programming!

The additional academic component Law Enforcement: Theory and Practice  is a sixteen week online course. The six semester hours earned with successful completion of this course is transferable into the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree, a graduate certificate in Criminal Justice or either the Master of Criminal Justice or Master of Public Administration degree program offered through the UCCS School of Public Affairs.

Law Enforcement: Theory and Practice* presents an overview of the role that police play in American society today. Attention is on the origin of policing, the nature of police organizations and police work, patterns of relations between the police and the public, discretion, and the police role in a socio-legal context. This class builds upon and provides academic context for the Supervisory Institute.

Graduates of the Supervisory Institute may opt-in to this class/credit opportunity within one year of their Supervisory Institute completion date.

The Supervisory Institute with the academic component offers a great opportunity for police officers to advance in their careers and to further their education. Really it is as easy as
1. Decide to start.
2. Enroll with Campus Wide Extended Studies at
3. Succeed! In obtaining six hours of undergraduate or graduate credit.

*CJ 4600 Law Enforcement: Theory and Practice (undergraduate credit)
 CJ 6600 Law Enforcement: Theory and Practice (graduate credit - MCJ)
 PAD 6600 Law Enforcement: Theory and Practice (graduate credit - MPA)